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  1. Bitcoin will have to do alot to be able to maintain their leadership position, I fill that the only thing keeping it at that rate is because of it's popularity, and because it can be used as a store of value, except that, I don't thing it can survive
  2. ikegwegbe

    Bitcoin gaining momentum

    Alas I am not confident Bitcoin can surmont this predicament unless they the reduce their transaction fee, because it's telling with it's current value
  3. ikegwegbe

    why all currency decreases at once?

    I thing this last general decrease was caused by the news that the Korean government plans banning crypto
  4. ikegwegbe

    Can Bitcoin regain it's value

    Recently Bitcoin has gone through alot based on it's value reduction. It was once $20000 ,and it's around $11829 at this time of typing. So I wonder if it will ever pass that $20000 mark again considering other altcoin in the Crypto world trying to compete with Bitcoin expecially ethereum, which has way cheaper transaction fees
  5. ikegwegbe

    Ethereum high fees & slow transactions incoming?

    Finally gas fees are back to normal
  6. ikegwegbe


    Yeah except etherdelta
  7. ikegwegbe

    Multiple account

    Yes you can own more than one ethereum account
  8. ikegwegbe

    Proof of Stake [PoS]

    Can you give us the link to their site
  9. ikegwegbe

    DO NOT send your Registration Bonus to "Friends"

    Nice one , I knew this will happen. But nice work to stop their evil acts
  10. ikegwegbe

    Do you understand Genesis Points & Bank? Q & A!

    Is it in the bank or on the genenis points you get the interest on.
  11. ikegwegbe

    How to Earn Free Points ?

    You just have to be active in the forum and invite new members with your referral link.
  12. I thank God that I did not log into etherdelta during that period.
  13. ikegwegbe

    Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

    At the current rate of Bitcoin I am scared to buy it