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  1. edward

    Coins under 1$

    That actually looks really interesting. So many ERC-20 tokens out there, but if they live up to their roadmap I could see the price really jumping from where it is now. Thanks!
  2. edward

    Coins under 1$

    It's always a good idea to look at price, supply, and the resulting market cap, and compare to other, similar projects. For example, if a coin has a supply of 1,000,000,000, it will need a market cap of $1 billion for the price to reach $1. If there's nothing special about the tech, team, branding, use case scenarios, etc, then you have to be realistic about how much money is going to flow in from serious investors to get to your target price. If the price spikes all of a sudden on no news, it might be a pump and dump scheme and that's a warning sign to stay away, not FOMO and buy in. Speaking of pump and dump, this is a really interesting article and interview with someone who discusses manipulation in cryptocurrency: http://www.businessinsider.com/interview-with-cryptocurrency-pump-and-dump-telegram-group-admin-2017-12
  3. edward

    Coins under 1$

    I stayed away from Ripple a few months ago because of the high supply it has versus the coins I actually invested in, and while they're all doing great, I guess I kind of regret not buying a little while it was so cheap! That being said, I've also learned my lesson with stocks, which is that once you pick a good strategy (i.e. low supply coins) it's best to stick with it. Whenever I've lost money it's because I didn't stick to my plan.
  4. edward

    What's your favourite coin?

    You're going to need to delete that telegram channel and create a new group instead, and then convert it to a "supergroup" (something to do with the way members receive notifications). I only learned this last week. The problem with the channel you created is only you can message it. Everyone else can only listen.
  5. edward

    What's your favourite coin?

    Is "telegram secret" a separate app from the regular app? If so, I don't know, but I like the regular telegram a lot now that I chat with crypto nerds all day long on it in groups like the ELIX group.
  6. edward

    What's your favourite coin?

    Let me try to remember..... mainly I was following the topic about it on Reddit, advertising an airdrop which required following their twitter and retweeting, and probably a few other requirements that would make them go viral quickly. It was an ERC20 token called MoneroDark (adding "dark" to an existing crypto name has been a thing w scammers, or adding any suffix to a known project name), and on the project website it was announced that one week after the airdrop finished all of the airdropped tokens would be unlocked for trading on EtherDelta. Someone very savvy with code looked at the smart contract and noticed that the token unlock date was a lie, and only the dev's own tokens would be unlocked. They also noticed that the code gave the dev the power to lock the tokens held in any wallet at will, effectively preventing anyone else from trading or transferring at any time. The shills battled it out with the people who knew it was scam on Reddit. The unlock date came and sure enough, no one could trade, but the dev dumped his/her own tokens and raked in $60,000 worth of ETH (which is now worth at least $150,000). A week or two after that the rest of the tokens finally unlocked for trading and the price dropped to virtually zero. The telegram group was spammed with a bot that created a mile of white space, blocking everyone's ability to communicate, the website disappeared, and the dev was never heard from again. What's the short answer? Beware of Ethereum tokens using names of other projects, aggressive viral marketing, and cultivate a lot of smart crypto friends in a community (such as Telegram) and share knowledge. Also, stay away from ICOs. If a project has continuous updates and communication, product demos, a dedicated wallet, don't worry too much if the devs are anonymous at the beginning. Getting back to the topic of this thread, which is a perfect example of the opposite of a scam: ELIX / www.elixirtoken.io - the devs are currently anonymous but extremely communicative in Telegram, Reddit, Medium, and Twitter. They deliver updates every week. The community is extremely smart and enthusiastic - the ELIX Telegram is hilarious and filled with very smart people: https://t.me/ElixirToken. In a few weeks they'll reveal their new website and their identities. It's by far my best crypto investment so far and the price is likely to go a lot higher. It's still a bargain.
  7. edward

    What's your favourite coin?

    ELIX, NAV, and PIVX are my most profitable holdings so far. GEN could easily be #1 in the future because although I missed the airdrops, I decided to throw down and buy quite a bit. A lot of the success in crypto seems tied to exactly when a person decided to put money in. I got in back in August which was a pretty good time, but by no means the best time. My strategy advice is to buy and hold and not trade. Price is everything in this game, so buying in smaller chunks and averaging down (rather than going "all in") is very important if you're not confident in your entry price point. I've only sold once or twice and it was because the token turned out to be a scam and/or dead project. For active projects with continuous updates I recommend HODLING
  8. edward

    What Exchanges Are Realistic for Genesis?

    Genesis is already trading on EtherDelta under symbol "GEN." I'm amazed that a lot of people don't realize you can easily buy GEN tokens on ED now, for a very low price, and have been able to since before the airdrops completed. I understand why some people don't like EtherDelta, but I think that it's an amazing example of a fully decentralized, anonymous, trading app running on the Ethereum blockchain. It represents the future of the internet and digital currency in many ways. Another thing I love about it is that people who don't understand it sometimes fill my orders for a great price even when there are higher priced buy orders above mine. It's my little secret
  9. edward

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm Edward IV on the telegram group. As the first "Edward" and a very early supporter of Genesis I thought I'd take the liberty of claiming the vanity user name "edward" LOL. I hope future Edwards understand. One of my friends bought a bunch of bitcoin 6 or 7 years ago and held it all this time, and now his holdings are worth millions. As a career I.T. guy with a childhood interest in cryptography, obviously I am kicking myself for being too distracted at the time and not giving it the attention it deserved. I even read cypherpunk bulletin boards in the 90s, and remember coming across many of the ideas that would later inspire the creation of bitcoin. This past summer after the same friend told me to look into various altcoins, I realized that the crypto space was still at the very beginning and that things were about to take off, so I decided to spend a few weeks obsessively researching and then investing in a few things. Four months later I only wish I'd had more cash available to invest, because cryptocurrency has rocketed into the public consciousness like never before. I have a lot of "utopian" ideas about what's possible and hope to exchange ideas with the community. Interests and hobbies: photography, film making, producing jazz and rock music, social media and branding, renewable energy and sustainable living, tiny houses, shipping container houses, philosophy, politics, law, and more. That's all for now. HEY everyone!