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  1. good giveaway

  2. @mayram Please english only on the forum. We may add sections for other languages in the near future. It would be appreciated if you can use a transalator (if you need it), to post your replied. Thanks for your understanding.
  3. llyfee

    Ethereum Sale

    Its completely up to you really as to whether you sell or you hodl. My only observation is that there is never a point to sell if/when everything is red. As for where to sell, you can buy/sell on any of a variety of exchanges which are available. I'll resist making any recommendation but google is your friend.
  4. llyfee

    Bitcoin - the conclusion

    To be fair, everything took a fall recently. For the time being at least, when bitcoin drops, its a ripple effect on all crypto. I think you are right in your suggestion of other crypto's making headway but in my view, bitcoin will always be the reference point purely because it is the most widely known and adopted. My main criticism of bitcoin is the fact its no longer primarily about being a form of payment. If we look at the use case, Ethereum should value higher than bitcoin but such is the hype about bitcoin that nothing will surpass it in terms of value.
  5. llyfee


    @vhighfill The airdrop that @LeeMac is referring to are the ones we distributed last year. I can assure you, no new Genesis airdrops has taken place since last year.
  6. llyfee

    Buy or wait?

    The struggle is real, times like this can be very frustrating when you need to get fiat. Lucky for me, i traded out what i needed over the weekend before the bleed. It should get better though, it seems to be settling down a little now.
  7. llyfee

    Genesis online shop

    I agree with you guys . This is an idea that we have discussed briefly previously and we will revisit it again sometime in the future. We definitely have alot more to come.
  8. llyfee

    Updates on MyEtherWallet / BLUE

    My personal view is that MEW was never compromised at all. All the news/FUD came from the BLUE team and nobody else, i didn't stop using MEW. Although i use it with Metamask for added security.
  9. llyfee

    Life after Death

    This is an interesting question. I agree with Nobody can really say confidently what happens after death. Each person's view on it comes down to personal and religious beliefs. Who knows, maybe there is life after death, maybe this is it, once we're gone, we're gone for good, I'm not in a hurry to find out
  10. llyfee

    Very Good Project

    Yes we'd all like to know what exactly you mean by your post. If you could please also expand on the purpose of this thread and how it relates specifically to Genesis. Merci.
  11. llyfee

    Do you gamble

    @cbob1911 How do you fare in slot machines then? Any big wins yet?
  12. llyfee

    Do you gamble

    Each to their own as they say. I'm not a gambler myself but i know that many people in crypto try to use gambling with bitcoin to make quick and huge returns. For me, its not appealing because i believe that the house always wins. Maybe i'm just cynical haha
  13. llyfee


    I think that eSports still qualify as sport because sports is not necessarily only about the physical aspect, there is a skill side to sport as well which is important in eSports.
  14. llyfee

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Nothing major really, i only asked for an iphoneX...perhaps next year.
  15. llyfee

    Exhaustive Feelings

    Some say 'good things come to those who wait' but i disagree lol 'good things come to those who hustle', you're doing the right thing. Putting work in now so that you can earn big at some point. The road to riches will be hard and tough but hey.....You'll remember this OP and laugh when you get rich. Note: I have moved thread to off-topic. Please be mindful of opening threads in the right section