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  1. erlyn

    What is gwei in etherdelta??

    yeah, what happened to etherdelta? cant even deposit my tokens there.
  2. erlyn


    I joined viberate and already earned 13 vib by posting their links to my fb and twitter pages.
  3. erlyn


    Hi Crystal. Welcome to Genesis forum, hope you like it here just like me.
  4. erlyn

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    I invested in Electroneum, just a little and waiting to get 100x the value of my investment. As of now, i just got 10x.
  5. erlyn

    Altcoins for 2018

    For me, SGR and HAT has a potential. Devs are pushing this altcoins so hard to bring these to the moon.
  6. erlyn

    Genesis Coin In 2018

    We are the community of genesis, so we are the one who will bring gen to success. And we have the full trust in this project right? So cheers for our success this 2018!!
  7. erlyn

    Suggestion: Social media tasks

    I just want to clarify my suggestion. I am not suggesting to do the same just like the deeponion community did. Its just like for example, in twitter, just like and retweet, comments is optional. I just want news about genesis will be visible for everyone. Thats all, thank you.
  8. I just want to suggest if you just like to spread the world about genesis through social media like fb, twitter, reddit, twitch, steemit, youtube, etc. Make some domination tasks like retweeting, sharing, subscribing..just a little kind of a bounty. Have a thread for some tasks and award them gen for their works. Ask them to have some proof like screenshots and upload it to the thread for proof sharing. That is my suggestion, hope it can help. Thank you.
  9. erlyn


    Hello @Zealous. Welcome to the Genesis community. Let us begin a new journey here.
  10. erlyn


    Hello @Jackson_Genesis. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  11. I am Erlyn from Philippines. I joined this forum because i want to learn more and hopefully become an active member here.