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    I like genesis coin because ......

    because it is so easy to go along with, easy to earn and not complicated like other at all. it should be GenesisCoin A.K.A HonestyCoin
  2. Applechild


    I need to take some lesson on this, completely newbie, does it mean the coin gained here can be transferred to ether wallet. what is the procedure?
  3. Applechild

    Altcoins for 2018

  4. Applechild

    Multiple account

    Wow I will just copy this and print out to follow the steps herein. thanks a million. you are good at this.
  5. Applechild

    Multiple account

    Is it advisable to hold more than one Ethereum account and what is the best method to keep the address and key safe? especially in this present times where hackers are going extreme, emails are not safe and PC malwares are developed everyday for the purpose of some malicious activity. what is the way of out.
  6. Applechild

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone, Am Applechild, a Nigerian, am really enjoying the crypto world, harnessing every opportunity to have a greater understanding the world of technology, that is the curiosity that drove me to Genesis. This is a very smart move from Genesis, very different.