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  1. xindoa


    there is a link on the site. its on of the main menu's
  2. xindoa

    Blockfolio alternatives

    @billyboy it supports a lot of coins but it is mostly supporting exchanges so if your coins are on the exchange they support it will be on there. i switched from blockfolio to delta and never looked back
  3. xindoa

    April Update - What’s Going On and What’s Next?

    hi @Jackson_Genesis great update i have been a bit absent busy with other coins. if things are chosen en mentioned i will help in any way i can
  4. xindoa

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    i voted for the first option but we indeed need some more activity in here to get the gen coin known. but all 4 are great action to take
  5. i agree alvi. for your own good focus on a few coins not 50 your life will be a mess if you keep that much coins trying to keep up. but you do have to have some differentiatoin
  6. xindoa

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    imo this is just me faucet is not worth it usually the return is not that good and a lot of times it is out of funds. i prefer bounty then you actually have to do something and gets the coin more exposure
  7. xindoa

    Did you Know

    threshold is 5k btw
  8. xindoa

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    airdrop was well recieve thx team great work
  9. xindoa

    local forum

    true but do you think we can already fill any local part that will be active?
  10. xindoa

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    its entry based Airdrop 1 – 300 people will receive 1,000 GEN each (300,00 GEN in total) Airdrop 2– 100 people will receive 1,000 GEN each (100,00 GEN in total) Airdrop 3– 200 people will receive 500 GEN each (100,00 GEN in total) you can only get into one airdrop from march so i if you don't get in this one you may get into the next @LeeMac
  11. xindoa

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    i hope i'm part of it :-) but we will see
  12. xindoa

    Genesis Bounty Program Discussion Thread

    found them all thx
  13. xindoa

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    ok thx @Jackson_Genesis did not know you had to do it manual otherwise i would have shut up and gave you the time to check it sorry great work again
  14. xindoa

    Highest amount you earn from bounty

    lol what amount do you want. the one i got when it was release or what is left of it now :-)
  15. xindoa


    rl = Real Life i'll be in san antonio from the 27th :-)