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  1. Nefarious

    Bitcoin Competitors

    To be honest, I think a lot of the altcoins have zero interest in 'competing' with bitcoin as they view their projects as wildly different & have nothin in common with Bitcoin aside from being part of the same crypto space, The issue with the constant comparison to Bitcoin stems more from the user/investor perspective IMO. I.e the price of every coin always has it's worth valued against USD and Bitcoin plus fact that most altcoins most be purchased via Bitcoin. Over time as this market matures, this reliance to always constantly compare & measure everything against Bitcoin will become less relevant.
  2. Nefarious

    Is the Bear Market Coming to an End?

    It been really positive sign to see the price stabilize after the recent pump in early April. We seem to stuck in an consolidation period for now but I'm hopeful the next bull run breakout will start very soon! Despite the recovery so far in April, prices are still way down on that Dec/Jan peak.
  3. Nefarious

    Best Game of 2018 So Far?

    Haven't really played many 2018 games yet, been too busy with crypto! Haha! The main game I have been playing this year is State of Decay 1, which I'd finally got around to checking out. Loved it! What i've seen of State of Decay 2 so far looks like a nice upgrade so I must so I too am really excited to get my hands on it when it comes out.
  4. Nefarious

    Ethereum Price Prediction for May 2018

    Yeah Ethereum seems set up for a good bull run IMO. The market as a whole seems to be in a state of equilibrium but if the bulls win & we get a good price pump I think ETH will be one of the coins leading the charge. I'm going to say $850 by end of May.
  5. Nefarious

    April Update - What’s Going On and What’s Next?

    Nice update indeed! Looking forward to seeing what comes next
  6. Nefarious

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    This is a tough one to be honest: Option 1 is too common in the market nowadays. If Genesis is to survive & thrive, it'll need a unique selling point so needs to do something either original or at least better than 99% of the direct competitors out there. The partnerships would need to be very strong with a practical use case which I imagine would be hard to achieve. Option 2 is my preferred option, although I don't really have an idea of what the meaningful & useful dApp could be. I also appreciate this is propbably the most time intensive of all the options, but if done well would provide the best future for the project. Option 3 I like but see this forum as supplementary support for the project rather than the main focus. The strength of this project is really around the great community that has been built & the forum definitely supports that. Unfortunately the last few months have seen the forum go fairly quiet, but the Christmas giveaway event shows how effective engaging community prizes/giveaways/challenges can be to drive traffic through the forum & grow the community. For reference on what can be done, I like what Equal Token have been doing with their regular trivia nights where they give away tokens, or their ongoing community challenge (https://twitter.com/EqualToken/status/988263005660971008). Option 4 could be interesting but it does seem it would be a hell of a lot of work to get up & running smoothly with no guarantee that the effort put in would be rewarded.
  7. Nefarious

    Blockport Gets listed in Kucoin

    I tried to get in at the time of the ICO but missed out. Finally pulled the trigger now though & bought some at just under $0.50
  8. Nefarious

    Valentine's Day Meme Giveaway Thread!

    It was a temporary link & I didn't notice, should stay permanently now
  9. Nefarious

    Valentine's Day Meme Giveaway Thread!

    Just to get the ball rolling : )
  10. Yeah agreed. Tough times but this is the time for strong hands. Nothing has fundamentally changed with Bitcoin or the other crypto-currencies & there future is still hugely positive. My advice to anyone freaking out about the prices is to just take a step back & go focus on something other than the prices for a while...before you know it we'll be testing all time highs again
  11. Nefarious

    what is the best trading on coins or holding it?

    I personally think that unless you have the time & skill to effectively day trade it is much much better to just hold. You'll earn more in the long run this way. If you'd like to try trading, start off with a very small amount & see how well you can grow it. Once you've gained experience & knowledge then you can always increase the amount you want to trade with. Another advantage of just holding is that you can keep your coins somewhere secure, like a hardware wallet, rather than leaving them on the exchanges.
  12. Nefarious

    Source Code

    @billyboy Here's the github link. Hope this helps: Github: https://github.com/TheGenesisCoin/GenesisCoin
  13. Nefarious

    coinexchange server is off today?

    Their domain got blacklisted temporarily, which resulted in DNS issues apparently. They've been providing updates on their twitter page & I believe everything has been resolved now: https://twitter.com/CoinExchangeio
  14. Nefarious

    Buy or wait?

    Today's bloodbath in the market poses an interesting opportunity for those looking to buy. It's really frustrating for me personally because I need to actually sell some in order to pay some bills. Been trying to avoid it or at least wait until the price had recovered a little but it just seems to be getting worse. Normally the day to day price doesn't bother me because i'm a long time holder, but today's bloodbath came at the worst possible time Watch the market make a spectacular recovery 2 minutes after I sell
  15. Nefarious


    Yes, BNB is Binance's own coin which is used to get 50% discount on fees. They will burning coins next week so it'll be interesting to see what that does to the price.