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  1. Since 2015?... Been a while and seeing that they actual bring something to the table with this one... the coin is definitely a major contender...seeing especially how it's rising through the ranks,oh well... let's wait and see how it goes on this one...
  2. courageose

    Ven vs xrp

    With all the buzz around xrp... would definitely be going with that.
  3. courageose

    TOMOCOIN: internet of value

    Lovely review, so much details to pace through... quick question,is the ICO still ongoing or done with?
  4. courageose

    Blockport Gets listed in Kucoin

    So basically it's a good buy right?... been following up their twitter and telegram handles for a while now, liking the hype around the project and the seemingly dedicated team behind it.
  5. courageose

    SCAMS/FAKES & SH*T Projects (for the airdrop fam)

    I knew this airdrop was a fake... told my friend and he wouldn't just listen,so much fake out here these days... making it a bit extra stressful.
  6. courageose

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    BPT?... That's blockport right?
  7. courageose

    I just won 5,000 GEN..

    Nice bro, congrats to ya, wanna share some? Lol and welcome to the community also, hope you have fun here.
  8. courageose

    How do I know good airdrop

    I would highly advice against that, you saying you wanna stop filling forms, truth is you never know which one is going to be the big one and which one is useless in the long run, just endeavor to fill them, a couple of airdrops I ve made a lil bucks from didn't seem so promising at first, the key is hodling
  9. The web wallet is just what's blowing my mind, cool... soon we'll be talking android and IOS apps.
  10. courageose

    Genesis Forum Rank Discussion

    And also,another thing I just observed about my profile and the new changes... under my username it shows: contributor, then under the place assigned to show me my rank,it shows super contributor... why the disparity?
  11. courageose

    Genesis Forum Rank Discussion

    This is looking cool, just coming online for the first time in quite a while and meeting such a nice improvement... haven't been up and about well enough to notice any issues with the new system and how it works though, looking forward to getting familiar with it, th only thing I would want to point out at this juncture is that in the contributor aspect of the post while listing the set of permissions you wrote can create polls and can't create polls all in there,kindly look at it and clarify properly for all and sundry, thanks... long live Genesis.
  12. Weak hands, weak hands, weak hands everywhere... I kinda like the fact that it all happened though, got a chance to know the weak hands and scared folks around just in for the quick bucks and short term, no matter what happens, bitcoin and altcoins would always rise again after a dip and the more major the dip the more major the rise, but a newbie wouldn't get that and worst of all they just lack the concept of DYOR, not all are fit for cryptocurrency though, times like this, you get to know the patient few that'll help a project thrive well.
  13. courageose

    Changes to Genesis Lottery?

    Well I believe a monthly draw would be way better, people would constantly look forward to it and many hypes would be created about it and possibly even make those outside the forum get on board and it's a bigger price being awarded, so many peeps would wanna tag along on it also, I know I would.
  14. courageose


    You have to pay massively to get listed on most exchanges, for an upcoming project as this, it ain't so easy coming up with demanded funds... Etherdelta is your best buddy for the now sha, just remember to use metamask though
  15. courageose

    What's the Future of Genesis?

    Definitely!!! i do believe so... Much work being put in.
  16. courageose

    Bitcoin gaining momentum

    Lol, January madness... It's the usual, not so bothered.
  17. courageose

    what the price?

    That's what we are all waiting and hoping for...and more.
  18. Indeed a nice read and my favourite part was the talk about listing on not one but two other exchanges, super cool, hold your GEN guys, something big is underway... GEN to the MOON.
  19. courageose

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Hmmm, maybe one day I'll get to try it too and change my thoughts towards Mario.
  20. courageose

    Bitcoin Supremacy

    None for now i think, but then again... Bitcoin has been around longer than most, so that could be pegged as the main reason, give others time and watch them catch up, since most coins coming into the fore now even attempt to take a jab at those loopholes created by bitcoin.
  21. courageose

    what is the best coin to buy and storage

    So you'll definitely be in profit some day, but that in itself doesn't necessarily make bitcoin the best buy, let's take a case in point, wherein January last year, 1btc was stabled and docked around a thousand dollars and rose to an ATH of $20,000... So having 1 bitcoin as at when btc was at its ATH, having purchased it when it was $1000 back in January puts you at a profit of times 20,which is quite nice, considering... But let's also look at ethereum which sat at $7, January last year and rose as high as $800 last year, that's roughly over times 100 profit, so in this case scenario, ether was a better buy and they were some cryptos last year that even did same as ether and some better, Bitcoin us definitely the boss, but that doesn't make it the best buy... You need to DYOR and invest wisely for maximum profit.
  22. courageose

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Lol, that's kinda cool... Just never seemed to enjoy Mario games, different strokes for different folks I guess.
  23. courageose

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    When the iPhone x 2+ would be out?.... LMFAO, iPhone is just a stressful lot with its constant dolling out of products when the previous one hasn't been fully utilised.
  24. courageose

    So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Lol, what year did you ask for this?
  25. courageose

    Time interval

    As it should be.