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  1. Bitcoin gaining momentum

    Lol, January madness... It's the usual, not so bothered.
  2. what the price?

    That's what we are all waiting and hoping for...and more.
  3. Indeed a nice read and my favourite part was the talk about listing on not one but two other exchanges, super cool, hold your GEN guys, something big is underway... GEN to the MOON.
  4. So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Hmmm, maybe one day I'll get to try it too and change my thoughts towards Mario.
  5. Bitcoin Supremacy

    None for now i think, but then again... Bitcoin has been around longer than most, so that could be pegged as the main reason, give others time and watch them catch up, since most coins coming into the fore now even attempt to take a jab at those loopholes created by bitcoin.
  6. what is the best coin to buy and storage

    So you'll definitely be in profit some day, but that in itself doesn't necessarily make bitcoin the best buy, let's take a case in point, wherein January last year, 1btc was stabled and docked around a thousand dollars and rose to an ATH of $20,000... So having 1 bitcoin as at when btc was at its ATH, having purchased it when it was $1000 back in January puts you at a profit of times 20,which is quite nice, considering... But let's also look at ethereum which sat at $7, January last year and rose as high as $800 last year, that's roughly over times 100 profit, so in this case scenario, ether was a better buy and they were some cryptos last year that even did same as ether and some better, Bitcoin us definitely the boss, but that doesn't make it the best buy... You need to DYOR and invest wisely for maximum profit.
  7. So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Lol, that's kinda cool... Just never seemed to enjoy Mario games, different strokes for different folks I guess.
  8. MegaDriver's Chillout Lounge

    Hi megadriver....cool idea.
  9. So, what did you ask from Santa?

    When the iPhone x 2+ would be out?.... LMFAO, iPhone is just a stressful lot with its constant dolling out of products when the previous one hasn't been fully utilised.
  10. So, what did you ask from Santa?

    Lol, what year did you ask for this?
  11. Time interval

    As it should be.
  12. coinbase

    Was actually referring to @bukiss but maybe I could be of assistance to you just that I don't quite get the issue you're having... Could u break it down for me please?
  13. Exhaustive Feelings

    I've never even bothered meeting devastated, once I miss out, I tend to chill and ignore, happens rarely though... But the few cases I recall, didn't even try to lobby, Genesis was one of those cases still, I just chilled and now thank God for this platform, now created to aid those like me who missed out on tokens distribution.
  14. Tips for 2018?

    This is January, the year is still very long, sooooooo much time left... I still hold my ground though, with the work being put in on this forum alone, shows you how serious this project is and it's just a matter of time before other projects start clamoring for some sort of partnership that would definitely bring Genesis to the fore as we've already seen in the awareness LOL made us help them with, things like that in the long run serve as a plus and I ain't relenting on the plus's I believe having a working forum like this would help attain, but come the end of year and we'll see though, its all just forecasting right?
  15. Bitcoin gaining momentum

    I for one ain't looking forward to the stability, I want some more volatile movements...directed upwards though.