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  1. ZionDominic

    Updates on MyEtherWallet / BLUE

    There is probably a compromise. DYOR. https://www.google.com.ua/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/7p61hx/myetherwallet_compromised_blue_team_announcing/
  2. This is awesome. I really believe that this project is going places and it is going to be huge. It has set a pace for other projects to follow and in a matter of months, other projects will step in its shoes. Kudos to the entire team of this awesome project.
  3. ZionDominic

    I need help

    It happens to newbies and it is good to credit your wallet because most token administrators only send their tokens into wallets that have Etherium or that have been used to carry out transactions. Another thing you need to do to start receiving tokens is to read and follow every given instruction before proceeding to filling the forms. Don't forget to also proof read your responses. You also need to be early in filling forms. Join Airdrop update sites or groups on social media. Numerous lucrative tokens to your wallet as you take these precautions.
  4. ZionDominic

    Remember Dogecoin?

    The joke currency soared to $2 billion last weekend. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/01/remember-dogecoin-the-joke-currency-soared-to-2-billion-this-weekend/?amp=1
  5. ZionDominic

    (XRP) Ripple making a mockery of our crypto world

    So many banks are investing in this project from different parts of the world, I want to blv that it is enough to realise that "Ripple has come to empower the global financial world to become more dynamic and decentralized through the widespread adoption of its tokens." We should learn to 'sieve' speculations.
  6. ZionDominic

    Altcoins To Invest On This Year (2018)

    The pleasure is mine.
  7. Do you need detailed information on the various cryptocurrencies (Coins)? Then this article is for you. It is an eye opener that will help you not to invest blindly. https://www.investinblockchain.com/category/cryptocurrencies-platforms/
  8. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-ethereum-bitcoin-cash-ripple-iota-litecoin-nem-cardano-price-analysis-jan-04
  9. ZionDominic

    Coins under 1$

    This is a very good topic, will try and look for and post something helping on it.
  10. ZionDominic

    Genesis Coin In 2018

    I think the coin will make men millionaires. And as the saying goes: "When moon, when lambo"
  11. ZionDominic

    (XRP) Ripple making a mockery of our crypto world

    Cryptocurrency is for everyone who wants in and when people start keying in for any coin, hype is bound to take place, most especially when those countries that people feel they won't adopt such coin finally adopt it. Use case is also very paramount. The last but not the least; speed in transaction gives every investment a edge. Note this: "Ripple is an open source digital payment network which is also used by banks such as the bank of Tokyo. Call it the ripple effect, Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP has risen a lot as well. The network is extremely fast and payments in XRP take 4 seconds".
  12. ZionDominic

    Altcoins To Invest On This Year (2018)

    Hey friends, Is anyone contemplating on most promising coins to invest on? Ripples and 24 others are indicated for you in the link below: https://itsblockchain.com
  13. ZionDominic

    My First Post

    The pleasure is mine.
  14. ZionDominic

    Crypto Related Youtube Channels

    Awesome info?
  15. ZionDominic

    Steam Winter Sale is live

    Want to try war robots.