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  1. tamsay


    personally, I'll classify esports as being passive. it is passive in the sense that, you don't exert much physical force/energy/activity.
  2. tamsay

    Chess as a mind gamE

    I play it occasionally. however, seeing some people playing it like checkers (especially in the timed-mode) scares me
  3. tamsay


  4. tamsay

    Type of Game

    1. sport 2. adventure &. FPS 3. Board games (chess, scrabble, checkers, monopoly,)
  5. tamsay

    Game or airdrop?

    You're absolutely right. I've abandoned my master league and battlefield (Bad Company) for a while now.
  6. tamsay

    First game you played

    Mine is TETRIS, followed by SUPER MARIO
  7. tamsay


    how do you mean? can you expatiate further on it.
  8. tamsay

    Candy Crush Saga

    no I'm not. I'm male.
  9. tamsay

    Candy Crush Saga

    you're seriously missing. I also had that feeling initially, but i became hooked when i started playing it.
  10. tamsay


  11. tamsay

    Scary facebook profile you've come across

    boiz are not smiling
  12. tamsay


    In the midst of the hustling and bustling, price fluctuations, dumping, mooning, hodling, icos and so on. I believe we should create time to cool-off and relax. Music is one of the things I do to relax and refresh my soul and mind. My Favorite musical instrument is the GUITAR, followed by PIANO and then DRUMS. Learning to play the guitar wasn't very easy and pleasant and journey has not ended. To my fellow music lovers, kindly share your experiences. Thanks
  13. tamsay


    Football used to be my most favorite (and loved) sport. However, Badminton came along and literally swept me off my feet. Do well to comment about your badminton experience below and if you happen to reside in Lagos (Nigeria) we could arrange for a get-together as well as a match-up . As for me, representing my school and my state at the highest competition levels remains something I will always treasure and remember. The badminton family is a closely-knitted one; I'm expecting your comments. On a lighter note, Victor Axelsen is mooning right now...
  14. tamsay

    Type of Game

    PES 2010 (Simply the best)
  15. tamsay

    Candy Crush Saga

    What is your current highest level in candy crush saga. Mine is 2550.