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  1. It's actually ridiculous, but let's see what the future gas for ripple coins . Hahahaha
  2. Nesbee


    I prefer Android, I can easily download some good apps on Google play.
  3. Nesbee

    Eth is surprising me

    What do you think is the cause of this sudden skyrocketing of eth?
  4. Nesbee

    Eth is surprising me

    did you ever think eth will get to $800 by Dec 2017? What do you think would be the price of eth by April 2018?
  5. Nesbee

    Alts To Go Down

    Especially altcoins with potentials.
  6. Nesbee

    Alts To Go Down

    I think due to proposed btc fork people are dumping Altcoin to get btc, and as soon as the fork is over, Altcoin will start shooting up. So buy more Altcoins now and hodl if you can.
  7. Nesbee

    WWE - Tell your favorite Wrestler

    I don't really like wrestling but I will choose Hulk Hogan as my favorite if asked.
  8. Nesbee

    Introduce Yourself!

    Genesis forum? Interesting.
  9. Nesbee

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi everyone, my name is Nesbee, a Nigerian, glad to be here.