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  1. Xtinah

    I like genesis coin because ......

    It makes it easy for me 2 know more about Cryptocurrency, not complicated and its at it infant stage, I'm glad to be part of it and grow with it.
  2. Xtinah

    Arab Token

    Guys! finally, here is a token you can actually use. You don't want to miss this guys. Arab token sales begins soon. Keep your eyes on their website https://arabtoken.net, join their telegram communityhttps://t.me/joinchat/IGfdtUW17_dnvGdjrn9bEQ and follow them on twitterhttps://twitter.com/ArabToken. I am all in!
  3. Hustling for money of course
  4. Xtinah

    Addicted to Cryptocurrencies

    I'm so addicted to crypto, I can just be offline and be okay even when I'm feeling sleepy. My eyes are always glued to my tab.
  5. Xtinah

    Be motivated

    Nice post.... Very motivational
  6. Yea... Bounties are a great way to make extra coins if you do the right ones. Unfortunately the only one I did didn't pay, I just wasted one whole month but I gained experience and exposure from that, that consoled me. That was my first time tho
  7. Xtinah

    New Icos

    Nice... Thanks for this. I will check this out
  8. Xtinah

    Airdrop application forms. (Updated 12-16-17)

    Nice.... Thanks for this. Good work
  9. Xtinah

    EtherBTC Airdrop

    Oh! OK... I posted something like this on airdrop and giveaway section. That's why it was deleted. Thanks for this
  10. Xtinah

    Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    I'm anticipating $1500 or more at d end of first quarter. I will buy too and hold till d end of 2018
  11. Xtinah

    Ether's ever high price

    I believe ethereum will surpass ripple too and takes its position as 2nd place.
  12. Xtinah

    Eth is surprising me

    Probably $1000 - $1200
  13. Xtinah

    Genesis coin rewards

    I hope so too... Cos I missed out on the Xmas giveaway
  14. Xtinah

    Buying Altcoins

    Binance is cool