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  1. hi moderators... kindly point me where i can post referal links, airdrop forms and bounty programmes....
  2. Ace

    Exhaustive Feelings

    yea this year we are getting paid definitely
  3. Ace

    Exhaustive Feelings

    lol @ tokens just lying there just chilling i do meet some devp yet i don't get the reply
  4. Ace

    Exhaustive Feelings

    The hustle for coins in the cyrposphere is real and herculean with a little too much to do.. one loses sleep and spends alot of energy and resources working to meet some certain target and goals to gain some more money in the cryptoworld... Sometime the feeling is very exhaustive especially siting in front of your computer for hours.. who else got this exhaustive feelings sometime?
  5. Ace

    Buy or wait?

    all through this period bitcoin will definitely witness a very big dip... am waiting till when it gets to 10k so i stock up.. for now am on fud but bitcoin will rise sharply with time tho
  6. Ace

    An ICO in Genesis Forum

    Genesis forum is a good forum so it would really fly if ICO gets to use here to advertise and make it compulsory for people to use too
  7. Ace

    Suggestion: Voting bounty on Mercatox!

    I have exhausted my mercatox vote is there a way i can get more votes like doing more transactions
  8. Ace

    Guide to Genesis Wallets & Storing Your GEN

    i want to know if there is any chance of MEW or any of this wallet being hacked in the future?
  9. Ace

    Introduce Yourself!

    lol... yeah cool... ban assholes i support you!!!.. i love this forum!
  10. who else is loving this forum like me? thank you genesis i love this forum a whole lot.... easy to use sweet user interface low memory usage moderate background colors best notification mode ever i can't get enough of this share your experience too
  11. Ace


    i don see am... hope u dey read the update bcos dem don dey process payment like this
  12. Ace

    Introduce Yourself!

    hope you guys aint going to be banning people unfairly like bitcointalk?