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  1. March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    Lol - I'm not sure what I was doing - but I completely missed applying for the first round doh!! I just posted an update on this into an airdrop group - how long do the airdrops stay open for? Or is it entry based?
  2. I haven't had a scam shoutout for a couple of days... no news is good news tho But here's an "avoid if can't be bothered with drama" alert - Crestonium Airdrop Bot - Phase 2... I got a couple of reputable reports that participants in the drop started to receive large volumes of spamchain "angry emails" from other participants about being part of a spam chain and it went on and on, sometimes signing up to telegram bot drops is more hit and miss than golden opportunities. At the time of the reporting the project had yet to respond or apologize for the mass mailout that allowed an irritating situation to occur. I skipped this one after the first person alerted that something weird was happening. But if you do want to join, maybe use an alt email so you don't have to clean up ur main email box if the angry-chain mail is still circulating.
  3. 5 coins to buy in FEB

    @euclid not sure if i was time for the snapshot either - but it looks like a Cryptokitty project for NEO using planets lol https://www.galaxy.one/ I'm kind of excited to see it https://medium.com/@zeepin/big-news-crypto-galaxy-free-gala-earned-by-zpt-owners-on-blockchain-based-virtual-universe-168db601a91
  4. 5 coins to buy in FEB

    Oh - I managed to claim my NEO GAS in neotracker too - once i got over 0.003 it worked - anything below that just kept failing. I also tried from a diff IP too tho - so not sure if that or the amount were (or both) contributed to it working.
  5. 5 coins to buy in FEB

    @euclid Actually ZPT is conducting a GALA (Galxy One) drop for all ZPT holders - 1:1 for hodl of ZPT tokens - the first snapshot was taken - but apparently the distribution is still a week away - https://t.me/CryptoGalaxyOne - or check the sticky in the ZPT tel group
  6. If you see an account like Binance, Cryptopia, Electroneum, John McAfee, Genesis or other legit crypto peeps being impersonated on Twitter and the report section doesn't quite cover what you need please use this form to report them. https://help.twitter.com/forms/impersonation I've also reported fake accounts to twitter by getting creative and using the abuse or harassment tag - and reporting targeted harassment tweets where the offending accounts are directing their spam ads to users using @ whoever option to promote their sh*t/scam tweets. And its official - I've turned into that grumpy old man on the street who rings the cops on the noisy neighbors. (Analogy only :))
  7. Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    @tennesseeJedEYE thats actually probably not a bad idea lol - an hourly claim one like freebitco.in or a no limit one like coinpot ones maybe.
  8. Also - I double checked with ForkDelta yesterday after I saw an airdrop getting offered by them They responded: It took less than 5 mins to confirm - be safe and double check!
  9. Another phishing form floating around offering an airdrop for SALT for joining their telegram and completing their google doc and for tricking others via referrals. (I'm not linking these directly because they are FAKE. SALT or @Saltlending on Twitter advised on both their Twitter and Official Telegram channel (via their pinned post) that airdrops using their name are FAKE. The official website can be found here https://www.saltlending.com/ The official Telegram is here https://t.me/joinchat/EpqzL0Kgf4cHYDv1JVSeRw And the tweet from the official telegram for Salt referencing a fake drop As said before - its mostly only a phishing attempt to gain your details - and then solicit you with fake email offers in the hopes they can trick you into buying or investing in things (having already gained your trust), rather than compromising your accounts or devices. This is where being forewarned and forearmed can keep you from being scammed out of your crypto.
  10. Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    You can PM ur discord link too - if its passive free crypto - im in lol
  11. Edit posts options

    Yeh - that's odd - cos I can send PMs and like u said we have the same ranks lol - is strange lol
  12. Edit posts options

    Hi @Jackson_Genesis What are the requirements for editing posts again? I had this awhile back - I always post something and spot a mistake straight away but now I can't fix them Can we get a preview option before post or let me know what I need to achieve to have the edit options restored? Thanks
  13. The long awaited Android Mobile Miner was finally released last week to the public after its extensive beta testing finished. Finally the rest of us get our hot little hands on it. https://electroneum.com/ If you have ever tried to used a faucet or miner mobile app in the past you'll know how tiresome it can be. Your phone is technically not set up to operate in an "always-on" state that the Minergate mobile miner for example requires, and its battery drains quicker as a result. You also need to change it's default sleep settings and have it plugged in to constant power as well.... Annoying much... And then, the mining result is so inconsequential, that you might as well have spent 10 minutes claiming from faucets instead of wasting energy setting up your phone. The ETN miner solves most of this. Download the app, login and set up your account, get ur wallet sorted. Yes, yes... a little bit of mucking around there (but you still need to do this on any other app you register for). Then click the miner button to start it - it calculates your phones hash power and then you can sleep your phone. Yep - it runs in the background. The difference in ETN's miner versus other miner's is that its not directly mining from your phone... ok what??? Its converting the hashing power your device theoretically has, and its giving you the resulting equivalent ETN you "would" earn if the phone was a dedicated miner. ETN are aware of the above problem with mobile phones and trying to mine on them and the end result is - you are still supporting the ETN network by downloading and using their miner, but the miner is more allocating you a comparitive reward rather than rewarding for direct ETN. And I love this. The ETN will get transferred automatically to your ETN account upon mining 5 ETN. I currently only generate 15 hashes per second. Compare that to the CPU ETN miner you can download for a PC that can do over 100 hashes a second, or a single GPU that works on thousands of hashes per second, its not exactly the most efficient way to mine. But the beauty of it for me is - its not taxing my phone at all, its not intrusive and taking up most of my phones processing ability, its just another tool in your passive crypto generating arsenal to help grow your free crypto. Download it now, refer your friends and all start earning some #freecrypto link below in my sig!
  14. @Parsashiva - opinions on good coins/projects/teams/platforms to invest $$ into - well we all have differing thoughts on this because we probably all see value in something differently. I enjoying investing my time into the Genesis forum right now so - in terms of my time - yes I see the forum as a direct gateway to the project. Others might look at the BTC value of Genesis right now and say otherwise, but as @Alvi and @xindoapointed out - Genesis has potential to grow and it needs time to get to where it needs to be. Some might look at this as the perfect time to buy in because the lower value now will give a bigger reward in the future. And its the future value we are all hoping will pay for our moon trips. If you are supportive of Proof-of-Content (POC) rewards platforms, and can see value in what they have to offer beyond today then I say yes - of course its worthy to invest in. But if you are after an expert opinion on it though, well none of us (that I'm aware) have signaled that we are crypto experts. We are just crypto enthusiasts trying to all get to lambo status too.
  15. Most of you have probably all seen various reasons floating around - but here is a good article that notes 3 of the biggest contributing factors + plus an extra one I felt worth mentioning: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-briefly-drops-9000-factors-behind-decline/ For the TLDR peeps: Mt Gox Trustee's sellof BTC & BCH SEC Reg speculation news Japanese Exchanges/Coinbase legal issues Binance - hacking attempt that halted trading to save peeps' coin (and ended up freezing the hackers coins haha) still having the biggest exchange close caused a ripple-effect through-out the ecosystem. Anyways - check out the article if you want some further info