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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/google-bans-crypto-mining-browser-extensions-chrome/ Finally!! Google has decided to stop endorsing "Crypto-Jacking" extensions and is now banning them after seeing that most of those in the Google store were developed non-compliant. I mean - it honestly took them long enough... they really should have been more proactive in the crypto scene well before now shutting down the scam/fake apps that are in there well before now.
  2. More Google docs floating around recently for SCAMDROPs for legit crypto. Some of these CMC listed crypto don't even have official telegram channels so please be careful. Factom FCT, Digital Note XDN, Envion. These drops all follow the same characteristics - they show a legit website (copy and paste it rather than click on it in case it diverts you somewhere unexpected). And ask you to follow telegram channels that are supposed to be "official". They are usually only just created and have a small member base which would indicate its not the legit airdrop channel it claims. Or if you are unsure, always check their official twitters. These may not have the verified tag - but if the community is massive (as the projects usually have 10k plus community) link to the official website from here. Then find the official social media links and see if there is a Telegram account listed. You can pop into here and see or ask if they are running an airdrop via a google form airdrop. If they are on CMC however - there is no need for projects to still airdrop coins. An official airdrop would also be blasted all over their established social media. If you come across dodgy airdrops please let me know. I can always check them for you if you're unsure. Some are just trying to get your email and details to spam you later, some just want you to be subscribed to their channels in order to advertise their sh*t to you, some - and these are the worst - want you to send them crypto to get your "scamdrop" tokens.
  3. Also similar to the above - Substratum also has a google form circulating offering an airdrop. This is fake - don't listen to people who post and say its legit - because the dev himself posted that it is not. https://twitter.com/overridepro/status/977734437936025600 The con on the google form is that the have linked the real website and twitter account (which says to watch for fakes...), but the official telegram account is fake. The telegram account made reference to depositing ETH to get the free tokens. I'm hoping people would see that as a massive flag for FAKE - but who knows. I've since gone back into the form and it looks like the Telegram account link is no longer working. Please do not send this scammer any of your details as the form is still an active link.
  4. DentaCoin Airdrop Telegram Bot is a fake and confirmed by the official team as such. Dentacoin on Twitter “⚠ WARNING: Be aware of potential scammers! There is no airdrop, organized by Dentacoin Foundation on Telegram. ➡ SPREAD THE WORD: We believe that a strong community can be more powerful than any scam attempt. Help us protect… TWITTER.COM
  5. LeeMac

    Coin Reviews

    I use CMC, CoinCodex and CryptoCompare to give me basic metrics on a coin... I know there's a few others like this... ICO review sites break down upcoming ICO's in the same way you're talking about I think... but they have been tricked before but determined scammers so grain of salt an all... lol If someone was to tackle an independant review of coins - i think many would find it useful. It feels like its a project that really should already exist though lol or one that just needs to be updated.
  6. **SCAMALERTS** Google forms for Airdrops for Digibyte, Civic, or VeChain (all confirmed by official twitters and their massive telegram accounts that they are the victims of fakers using there names) We know how these work peeps - fakers are just either trying to phish your dets or get you to subscribe to their telegram groups so they can spam you rubbish in the hopes you'll think its legitimate and purchase from one of their links. The VeChain is actually now saying its Airdrop 2 for those who might remember it from month ago, but the official VeChain confirms its not them. Be safe peeps.
  7. I think I'll pass - sounds like a sh*tcoin
  8. LeeMac

    What can you do to promote genesis forum?

    The bounty campaign (using airdropper army) is good for continued promotion. I use the site (almost daily) to see if there is any new news around I might not have stumbled across - but I do forget about sustained promo for the services I use like Genesis. I need to go write up a Steem review - but I always forget ughhhhh
  9. LeeMac

    What can you do to promote genesis forum?

    You should pop this into the suggestions area - i'd upvote say a 3 month timer for inactivity - 1 month is too short - 6 months-12 seems seems too long
  10. LeeMac

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    Lol - I'm not sure what I was doing - but I completely missed applying for the first round doh!! I just posted an update on this into an airdrop group - how long do the airdrops stay open for? Or is it entry based?
  11. I haven't had a scam shoutout for a couple of days... no news is good news tho But here's an "avoid if can't be bothered with drama" alert - Crestonium Airdrop Bot - Phase 2... I got a couple of reputable reports that participants in the drop started to receive large volumes of spamchain "angry emails" from other participants about being part of a spam chain and it went on and on, sometimes signing up to telegram bot drops is more hit and miss than golden opportunities. At the time of the reporting the project had yet to respond or apologize for the mass mailout that allowed an irritating situation to occur. I skipped this one after the first person alerted that something weird was happening. But if you do want to join, maybe use an alt email so you don't have to clean up ur main email box if the angry-chain mail is still circulating.
  12. LeeMac

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    @euclid not sure if i was time for the snapshot either - but it looks like a Cryptokitty project for NEO using planets lol https://www.galaxy.one/ I'm kind of excited to see it https://medium.com/@zeepin/big-news-crypto-galaxy-free-gala-earned-by-zpt-owners-on-blockchain-based-virtual-universe-168db601a91
  13. LeeMac

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    Oh - I managed to claim my NEO GAS in neotracker too - once i got over 0.003 it worked - anything below that just kept failing. I also tried from a diff IP too tho - so not sure if that or the amount were (or both) contributed to it working.
  14. LeeMac

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    @euclid Actually ZPT is conducting a GALA (Galxy One) drop for all ZPT holders - 1:1 for hodl of ZPT tokens - the first snapshot was taken - but apparently the distribution is still a week away - https://t.me/CryptoGalaxyOne - or check the sticky in the ZPT tel group
  15. If you see an account like Binance, Cryptopia, Electroneum, John McAfee, Genesis or other legit crypto peeps being impersonated on Twitter and the report section doesn't quite cover what you need please use this form to report them. https://help.twitter.com/forms/impersonation I've also reported fake accounts to twitter by getting creative and using the abuse or harassment tag - and reporting targeted harassment tweets where the offending accounts are directing their spam ads to users using @ whoever option to promote their sh*t/scam tweets. And its official - I've turned into that grumpy old man on the street who rings the cops on the noisy neighbors. (Analogy only :))