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  1. VassLeBigorneau

    Bitcoin worst monthly decline

    Decline is when you buy !
  2. VassLeBigorneau

    Can Gaming and BlockChain be merged

    Decentraland is doing it I think !
  3. VassLeBigorneau

    How much time ?

    Thank you for your help !
  4. VassLeBigorneau

    How much time ?

    Still no news from my precious little coins
  5. VassLeBigorneau

    What Altcoins are you invested in?

    Htmlcoin, Syscoin, Reddcoin and mooncoin ! Htmlcoin : low sat, pretty stable, strong coin. Syscoin : Strong hold ! Strong team ! Reddcoin : I think the project has potential, I don't know how far yet ! Mooncoin : high risk investment/High profit, if you want to try !
  6. VassLeBigorneau

    Is it good time to invest on crypto

    HTMLCOIN definitely ! Great tech, great community, new exchange platform coming ! Don't miss that train
  7. VassLeBigorneau

    9900% ?!

    Haha ! I was very surprised to see such a growth !
  8. VassLeBigorneau

    How much time ?

    Hey ! I sent the genesis coin on my ether wallet from the store, it's been 30 minutes and nothing received. Any idea ?
  9. VassLeBigorneau

    9900% ?!

    Hello guys ! Can someone tell me if it's true or if my blockfolio is going crazy ?
  10. VassLeBigorneau

    Gensis Giveaway

    You're amazing !
  11. VassLeBigorneau

    Gensis Giveaway

    Guys ! I won the giveaway but I received nothing, is it possible to speak with someone of the team please ? Thank you