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  1. Pepito

    January HODL Program Interest

    Please check 0xcDbB5B0fB2F46fd69e365070bBA80d70f4D091C3
  2. Pepito

    Best time to buy bitcoin

    Now is the best time to buy! bitcoin will pump again then drop before jan 22 coz fork
  3. Pepito


    Received ☺
  4. Pepito


    How long is the process for orders? Order it yesterday around 2 pm
  5. Pepito

    Welcome to me!

    Welcome to me also
  6. Pepito

    Dota2 or Lol

    Old but gold question. Which do you prefer?
  7. Pepito

    Newbie here

    Same here, nice to be here
  8. Pepito

    Genesis coin rewards

    How to join?
  9. Pepito

    First game you played

    Tank, contra
  10. Pepito

    Browser game

    Loong craft
  11. Pepito

    My Introduction

    Hi i'm new in cryto wish we can go along well