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  1. ErdalKunt

    In 10 Years We Won't Have Blockchains

    Another important news. Rockefellers became interested in crypto currency. Venrock, a Rockefeller venture company, will work with the CoinFund crypto investment group to support digital currencies and business innovations based on blockbuster technology.
  2. ErdalKunt

    In 10 Years We Won't Have Blockchains

    What is important is that a large fund standing in front of the crypto market sees an opportunity in this market. We're talking about a $ 25 billion fund. And from other funds following the move of this fund. Imagine that 100 billion Dollars of fresh money are entering this market. With leverage effect in derivative markets,This money is worth trillions of dollars. How much is the value of Bitcoin when this happens? 1000$ 5000$ 20000$ 50000$ . . .
  3. ErdalKunt

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    I think you should first set up a team. It must be from people who speak different languages from different countries. You should first introduce the project. For example, I do not speak English. Therefore, I can not use this forum site actively. You need money for 1 and 2 options. To be able to make the 4th option, this forum should have more participants. I think the way out is on the 3rd option. You should set up a team first. It's hard on its own.
  4. ErdalKunt

    In 10 Years We Won't Have Blockchains

    Very important news. • George Soros' investment business, Soros Fund Management is set to invest in cryptocurrencies, according to Bloomberg. • Adam Fisher, who oversees global macroeconomic investing for the fund, has gained internal approval to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies. https://www.businessinsider.in/Billionaire-George-Soros-is-reportedly-getting-ready-to-dive-into-crypto/articleshow/63646962.cms?utm_source=social_Twitter&utm_medium=social_sharing&utm_campaign=Click_through_social_share
  5. ErdalKunt

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

  6. ErdalKunt

    In 10 Years We Won't Have Blockchains

    If these declines continue, there will be no virtual money.
  7. ErdalKunt

    What Exchanges Are Realistic for Genesis?

    Does it cost to be listed on a stock exchange? I heard that YOBİT wanted at least 5btc.Right?
  8. I can not express myself because I have little knowledge of English. There are not many ads related to Genesis in social media. I saw this project by chance. I have a lot of ideas. But I can not support you because my english is low.Sorry. Can you open sections in other languages in the forum?
  9. They can not use social media platforms effectively. Most people do not even know about this project
  10. ErdalKunt

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    I could not enter the list on the first round. Do I have to register again for the second round?
  11. ErdalKunt

    All about Genesis forum.com

    It's a good forum. But the active user is very few.
  12. ErdalKunt

    bank account

    How much is enough GEN amount?
  13. ErdalKunt

    I like genesis coin because ......

    because i know i was not cheated
  14. ErdalKunt

    local forum

    There must be sections where everyone can write their own language