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  1. CoinInformer

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    They are all at great prices right now, the lowest they've been for ages. They are long term holds though, I wouldn't suggest them to make a nice profit in a few weeks
  2. CoinInformer

    Coin Reviews

    Does any one know of a site which reviews cryptocurrencies of coins? Like where they do an actual review of it by looking at the team, tech , price potential etc then give it an overall score and summary? Similar to video game reviews I guess but obviously with a bit more scrutiny? If there isn't anywhere do you think this might be a good idea as I'd be interested in doing something like this. I love researching different coins and sharing my opinion on them.
  3. CoinInformer

    New Forum Rank Names - Have Your Say

    I think the current ranks work well and they do what they are supposed to do. Perhaps more could be added further down the line maybe?
  4. CoinInformer

    5 coins to buy in FEB

    My five would be: 1) Xtrabytes 2) NAV 3) Ethereum 4) Smartcash 5) Monero
  5. CoinInformer

    Bitcoin Millionaire

    Definitely best to keep stuff like that private. That's the danger with stuff like Bitcoin and Ethereum as you can see exactly how much someone has. You can know that a person in real life is rich, but you never know just how much they have. It's a danger because if you can somehow link a location to a wallet...well we've seen it before
  6. CoinInformer


    I saw the scams a few months ago where they would use Vitalik to try and get people but they are getting a lot worse. I was reading a tweet by Coinbase and it was like you said, it was crazy. Only the account that posted the scam first got banned though and not all the other fake accounts who were trying to dupe people. Sad.
  7. CoinInformer

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey, Thought i'd introduce myself and say hello as this seems like a nice community I want to be apart of. Looking forward to being a part of this forum