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  1. Has anyone here heard of the FAN Token? It sounds like it might be the next generation of cryptos, it is somehow able to let token holders be the one calling the plays and hiring the team managers, drafting players for a football league right from your smartphone!! Sounds pretty interesting to me and I'm not even on much of a football or sports fan for that matter lol but I did Sign up for the FAN Token airdrop with a chance to get up to 10,000 free FAN Tokens! I think this is going to be a really great project. If you want to sign up to atleast get your free coins or sign up and purchase them during their ico then you can pm me for the link because I can't post it here..
  2. Alotta airdrops coming up!! Hopefully everything goes as planned!!
  3. Btc1127

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey what's going on everyone?? Hopefully everyone is doing alright in this bloody looking market.. my man is Dave and I'm from the US and the majority of the time I wish I wasn't because our government is so corrupt.. I'm just a small time investor that is really liking the way crypto is starting to evolve even more. It's kinda cool seeing all these new great projects coming into the space.. It's a once in a lifetime chance at becoming very wealthy so do what you can before they start trying to crack down on it!!!
  4. Btc1127

    My new computer

    I need a computer so bad, I've just been using my cell phone for everything I do since I started in January of last year. I can only imagine how much easier things will be once I get one, I mean I have access to computers but it's just a pain and I'd rather just have my own at my own place with nobody bothering me lol my phone is always running outta storage, so annoying