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  1. Does anyone here play Axie Infinity? What is Axie Infinity? Axie Infinity is a Blockchain-Based(Ethereum) Game that uses both ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens (Non-Fungible Tokens/NFTs) to develop the Ecosystem, which uses the MetaMask Extension to operate. In this ecosystem, you can create, breed, battle, level up, and buy/sell/trade Axies. Axies are basically unique creatures that all possess different skills, abilities, attributes and looks. They have 5 different classes (Beast, Aquatic, Plant, Bird, Bug, and Reptile). Each specific class has a different set of skills along with composition of attributes (HP, Speed, Skill, and Morale). You need at least 3 Axies to form a Battle Team with. To learn more about how to Battle with your Axies, you can visit the Guide and Overview on the Official Website HERE. You can also breed axies, which are one of the most fun and interesting aspects about this game because every single Axie is completely unique. There are many factors to take into consideration while breeding or wanting to breed. You are somewhat rolling the dice to see what new attributes/looks are carried over, dropped, and new ones acquired. Here is an example of two of my axies that I bred and their offspring... One of the most popular aspects of Axie Infinity, aside from breeding and battling is buying, selling, and trading Axies. You can visit the MarketPlace on the website and see all of the Axies that are currently for sale (purchase with Ethereum). You can choose to filter your search based upon many preferences like cheapest, expensive, class, mystic (rarity), breed-able, etc.). This function allows for you to narrow your search if you are looking for a specific Axie, skill/attribute, or look. Players often sell the Axies they no longer want to add to their teams to try and raise ETH to be able to buy new axies from the Axie Lab or buy other Axies in the MarketPlace. Not only can you buy and sell Axies, but you can also list them up for siring (breeding). This means you can offer your Axie to the marketplace to be bred with and receive ETH if someone wants a chance at attaining a quality/gene that your Axie possesses. They will receive the new egg and you will receive ETH in return. Best of all, Axie Infinity is planning a lot of new updates in general and especially in Q4 2018. They have one of the best online communities I have been a part of. Everyone is incredibly helpful and supportive to each other and new members. Not to mention, the developers and team are always online and responding to questions and having fun. One of the best ways to get involved is to join the Axie Infinity Discord Server. *If you do join, be sure to tell them that YuurinBee sent ya! If anyone is interested in learning more or getting started, feel free to message me. I am addicted to this game and playing it everyday trying to get better. It is growing and getting a lot bigger and better. There is now over 30,000 battles on the mainnet! Oh yeah, just this month an Axie sold for 50 ETH!
  2. YuurinBee

    Axie Infinity - Ethereum-Based Game (WARNING: Addicting)

    Me too man, really love this game and the community!
  3. ZENZO (ZNZ) is officially listed on CryptoBridge!
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    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    Let me know if you need any help with that @Jackson_Genesis - I happen to live on Discord
  5. Interesting, nice to share this here. I used to follow this guys YouTube channel and also have his newsletter... he was pretty on point in the past, but haven't followed him for a while. Seems like since there is a bear market, there aren't too many people wanting to put out new videos these days... or is it just me?
  6. YuurinBee

    The magic of technology

    100% depends on how it is utilized... if it's in the hands of humans, it is concerning... but it alone is neutral. It is how we use it that matters and will determine if it is positive or negative ?
  7. YuurinBee

    What happens when I lower the gas fees

    Pretty sure all it will do is just take longer for the transaction to go through. Look at it similar to postage, normal shipping, fast shipping, overnight (low, med, high).
  8. We are back and we're gonna be bringin' some peeps :3
  9. YuurinBee

    Blockfolio alternatives

    Agreed. Delta is great, I use both Blockfolio and Delta. Delta is honestly probably better imo.
  10. YuurinBee

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    I think this is a nice potential idea... I would also love to see GENESIS on Discord. For those that asked about an example rain bot. Concord has both a rain bot and a universal rain bot for Concord Coin (CXD). Concord Discord Server + Concord GitHub
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    Community Meetings

    I think we may have to fire back up the forums
  12. YuurinBee

    Bouli reintroduced

    Bouli!!! So nice to meet you again!? Where you been? #whenBouli
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    Re: Introduction

    Hello everyone! I started using The Genesis Forums about 6+ months ago and I really enjoyed it. Really great team here and great community. I hope to be more active on here and get to know more people in this community My name is YuurinBee and I live in Vietnam. I work on several blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. I do a little bit of everything except for coding yet, but most people know me as a designer. If you like the new Genesis logo ... that was me Look forward to getting to know you all and reconnecting with old friends!
  14. Wooooooo! So great to finally be back here on Genesis Forums! Hope everyone is well. We are happy to be back! If anyone has registered for the coin swap, please contact us on here or on the Official ZENZO Discord or Official ZENZO Telegram! ?
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    So happy to see this go down and yet so sad for all the people who believe in it and lost money
  16. How are we looking on this? - Need more entries? Need to specify exactly what GEN needs? Let me know, I'd be happy to help, too...
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    Achain ( NEXT NEO)?

    I'm looking to free up some funds immediately to get some ACT Love where this project is headed
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    Hey everyone, Does anyone here use Investfeed? I have used it for a few months now and met some incredibly awesome crypto buddies along the way. They are still in alpha now, but also have a tipping function where you can tip people in $IFT. I suppose somewhat similar to Steemit. They are kind of like the facebook of crypto or trying to anyways. I also invested in this project and believe they will do really well in the long term. Feel free to join and add me as a friend, let me know what you think. There aren't any benefits to sharing this link from my account, but here Investfeed Signup + My Profile PS: May meet my first crypto buddy from around the world in a month or so and I met them on IFT
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    Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    That's what it is all about - working together and growing. Crypto is a very hostile space at times, we have to work hard to change that
  20. YuurinBee

    Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    Thank you @xindoa !!
  21. YuurinBee

    Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    I have just liked and given you all +1 rep for supporting GEN and LOL ! Thank you all so much!
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    Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    It seems that way, it is probably built that way so people cannot abuse it. I'm not 100% sure though
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    Earn Free Genesis Points By Helping Out Our Friends Over at LOL

    I tried to like all of your comments and support for GEN and LOL, but I ran out of my daily likes