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  1. DudeLion420

    Steam Winter Sale is live

    closed today i guess
  2. DudeLion420

    Bitcoin Cashs future - added on Coinbase

    if bitcoin cant compete anymore at one point why not?^^ its not indestructable
  3. DudeLion420

    WWE - Tell your favorite Wrestler

    john cena is 2 hyped hha
  4. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    if you mean in general, well you can invest and trade. the benefit will be more money
  5. DudeLion420

    Suggestion: Social media tasks

    exactly. i dont think its time for that now. the devs seem busy allready. maybe voting bountys or smth in that way^^
  6. DudeLion420

    Gensis Giveaway

    congratz mister
  7. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    yes it can. you can swap all the faucet gains to one coin, for example bitcoin and withdraw it. there is a small min withdraw limit, its 50k satoshi for bitcoin^^ it can be reached pretty fast if you do all the faucets. ~peace
  8. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    yes. see the picture above for proof^^
  9. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    my latest withdrawal^^
  10. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    exactly what i thougt. and i did not got dissapointed haha
  11. DudeLion420

    refferal links

    what places have you in mind? haha what was your experience with that`?
  12. DudeLion420

    Newbie and Just Starting

    what can we do for you? please use a proper question
  13. DudeLion420

    The Great Genesis Christmas Giveaway

    got the second lowest one anyways thanks alot for those free points ~peace dude its over haha
  14. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    using it now for a few months. everything working good. and since you dont need to pay anything, i think its a great way to get a little free cryptos constantly. Withdraw limit is like 50k satoshi only, which you get pretty easy with the convert function^^ What was the faucet you were using?
  15. DudeLion420

    Passive crypto Income with Coinpot

    So there is this site called Coinpot.co. It has a Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin faucet which pays every 5mins and adds up if you only want to claim every few hours/days or whatever^^ They all go into your coinpot balance and you can even swap between the coins at the actual market price. Makes withdrawing very easy, so you can swap all coins from all the faucets for only one and withdraw it. Im using all these since some time now and can confirm that they pay out, as i withdrew couple of times allready. Made me a few hundred thousand satoshis. Not bad for nothing but a few captchas a day and like 2mins of my time. It may look like small amounts, but they really sum up fast^^ They also let you mine those coins and also bitcoin cash with your browser. I personally am not using this service. Thought you guys may enjoy this passive income too First you need a coinpot account and then you can use it to login on all the faucets. Coinpot: http://coinpot.co Dash Faucet: http://moondash.co.in/?ref=A553758ED350 Bitcoin Faucet: http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=4ba3faeaf00d Litecoin Faucet: http://moonliteco.in/?ref=58c9d4cee375 Dogecoin Faucet: http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=aaae0e8314d9 note: the links shown are ref links. Meaning i get a little bonus when you sign up. You wont get less. You dont have to use my links, but i would highly welcome it, friend ~peace, have a great day