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  1. ramsey

    Game or airdrop?

    Im new in cryptocurrency world and i want to know more...im bored playing online games
  2. ramsey

    Beginner's hangout

    I'm still confused?what is crypto and how to use it anyway?i'm eager to know and learn
  3. I will be holding it right now till it gets higher
  4. ramsey

    Merry christmas Genesis coin!

    Wishing evryone a merry christmas and a prosperous new year ahead...happy holiday genesis coin
  5. ramsey

    Type of Game

    Hmmmm?i played so many online/offline games but the best i played the most is i think cabal online ..kinda like it coz their graphic is totally awesome...
  6. ramsey

    Life after Death

    That' s sounds crazy 😂 i think our spirit is just like a smoke..wondering round and round
  7. ramsey

    Genesis Store

    Electronic devices like brand new phones tablets and many more ☺😊
  8. ramsey

    marketplace forum

    Thats a great idea
  9. ramsey

    Tips for 2018?

    I think it's electoneum will rise up all
  10. ramsey

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone..i'm joel from philippines