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  1. In 10 Years We Won't Have Blockchains

    DAG's will be fantastic if they can master the tech. IoT will change the world. Smart toaster to smart cars and infrastructure connected. Quantum Resistant.
  2. local forum

    Lot's of people from around the world on here.
  3. Weekly Update: March 12 – Airdrop, Bounty Program & Community Meeting

    @Ekpedeme Welcome! You'll get it in no time. Check out these to help get started.
  4. March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    @LeeMac haha, I totally missed this one too!
  5. 5 coins to buy in FEB

    @euclid https://ont.io/# Ontology Website. @LeeMac I had heard about that Galaxy Product just slightly. It look pretty cool tho. Goes with the news yesterday about Trinity working on something to speed up games on NEO, they mentioned NFT "Non Fungible Token" being something like the cryptokitties and how they differ from each other etc. etc. I need to really read into it, lol. https://medium.com/@TrinityProtocol/new-nep-standard-trinity-foundation-showing-new-things-in-korea-4d5989e30b21 if you wanna read about.
  6. 5 coins to buy in FEB

    @euclid I think in the future all blockchains will be interoperable. "Ecosystems" is quickly becoming a big thing in cryto. Projects like Loopring, Ontology, Yggdrash, Edenchain, Banyan Network etc ones to look out for....
  7. Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    @LeeMac for sure, daily faucet would work fine I would think.
  8. Weekly Update: March 12 – Airdrop, Bounty Program & Community Meeting

    Airdrops and bounties oh my! I will def. be participating in these.
  9. Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    A faucet would be awesome! I think it could potentially keep people coming back more often.
  10. VeChain is a very solid project that is super undervalued atm in my personal opinion! It's very similar to Walton Chain which was valued at $42.46 at its ATH so.... Plus it is apparently working with the Chinese govt. and has them on their side.
  11. Bitcoin Millionaire

    First I would create an account on GDAX. Then you need to download Metamask. In Metamask, which is an extension (looks like a fox head icon) beside your address bar in Google Chrome, and then you will need to copy your wallet address. It should begin with 0x...... This is the address you will need to use when you transfer from GDAX or Coinbase. GDAX has zero transfer fees if you use their exchange and it is simple to use since it is a sister company owned by Coinbase too. Click "Withdraw", insert the Metamask wallet address and then the amount to transfer. I always double and triple check receiving address. It's easier to match the first and last few characters imo. That's pretty much it. You can always check your transaction through whatever blockchain explorer you are using. Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, etc. Hopefully this helps a bit? @vhighfill
  12. Coin Reviews

    Other than that it's best to do your own research as much as possible!
  13. Coin Reviews

    Yeh, Alot of bigger youtubers are being paid. Just gotta find one that seems legit.
  14. 5 coins to buy in FEB

    @euclid @LeeMac Kucoin give you GAS for holding NEO too!
  15. Coin Reviews

    Lots of good youtubers doing this kind of thing. It can be hit or miss though.