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  1. tennesseeJedEYE


    Has anyone seen this project yet? It seems like it could be pretty cool. Easily purchase Ethereum and see who accepts it.
  2. tennesseeJedEYE

    Favorite Soccer Club

    You mean Football... haha.
  3. tennesseeJedEYE


    Is that game fun?
  4. tennesseeJedEYE

    Interstellar Meme

    This is great LMAO!!
  5. tennesseeJedEYE

    Anyone thinking of a serious investment on Genesis?

    The platform will only grow in the future!
  6. tennesseeJedEYE

    Is the Bear Market Coming to an End?

    Market sentiment is positive. We're gonna see a turn around and I personally feel higher highs by December.
  7. tennesseeJedEYE

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    Genesis team is great!
  8. tennesseeJedEYE

    In 10 Years We Won't Have Blockchains

    @ErdalKunt George Soros is known for bringing down world economies though and he is very bearish on Bitcoin. He knows there is money to made in crypto's, I just hope he doesn't short the crap out of it causing it to go to $1000.
  9. tennesseeJedEYE

    Crypto Miner Extensions: BANNED by Google

    Yeh, this is a serious problem that's been really messing up the browser.. memory leaks, etc. So glad they are finally cracking down. Monero miners are getting a little extreme.
  10. tennesseeJedEYE

    What Problem Is Sphere Looking To Solve?

    or Mithril
  11. tennesseeJedEYE

    March 16 Airdrop Discussion Thread

    Received the airdrop #3 thanks @Jackson_Genesis
  12. tennesseeJedEYE


    BSG is my favorite series of all time. I never got around to playing the game tho...
  13. tennesseeJedEYE


    Have you guys seen this game on Ethereum? Etheremon.. they have free mons right now too. https://www.etheremon.com
  14. tennesseeJedEYE

    Accept encryption right now! Cafe Joe USA,

    Coffee and Crypto!
  15. tennesseeJedEYE

    Forum Suggestions

    Wait, we need to get on CMC for ticker!