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  1. tendoglass

    Zelda, it is just timeless

    I have been playing Breath of The Wild and man I am digging it. What is your favorite Zelda game?
  2. tendoglass

    Upcoming TRIG swap

    Hey guy! Long time no see! I have been hard at work with our Zenzo project but finally have some time to get back to the forum. But last few weeks have had some rough times for TRIG because of Binance de listing. But, they are on twitter stating that there is nothing to fear with the TRIGX and their exchange coming out. I can link some of their twitter posts. But I was wanting to see if anyone here is going through it.
  3. tendoglass

    give it to the project

    It ain't dead yet!
  4. tendoglass


    Android for life!
  5. tendoglass

    Zelda, it is just timeless

    I have two copies of majoras mask. But the best way is to experience it is to forget everything you ever learned lol. A great game for sure, but the moon gives me friggin nightmares.
  6. tendoglass


    Its about to go down!
  7. tendoglass


    It is really not too bad, but I lost interest pretty quick.
  8. tendoglass

    I'm back!

    Well after a long hiatus I have returned. Been working with some great projects and have a bunch of thisngs to share in the up coming weeks!.
  9. tendoglass

    Hello Friends

    Nice! This was one of my favorite forums. But i just fell of for a while and havent been on. This plave is a great spot and definatly needs some more peeps.
  10. Guys, it is looking a little rough out there. But I am not really worried and you shouldn't be either. There is a bunch of fud on top of the worst time of year for trading. So remember, it is a cycle and it to shall pass.
  11. Hi ! I run a FB group called the Crypto Basement and would like to extend a invitation to the folks here a TGF. I make occasional calls that have made a few people some good money, but it is NOT a pump and dump group. These groups hurt the crypto verse and I don't want to have any part of that. What I do try to do is give you a edge in the cut throat world of crypto trading! Link is bellow and I hope to see you guys there. P.S. I am also doing a coin giveaway at 500 members and we only need 140 more! https://www.facebook.com/groups/375762152893932
  12. tendoglass

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    When we hit 500 members I will do the giveaway!
  13. tendoglass

    Linda, She is listening.

    Linda is a low sat coin. It is 1/10 of a cent and I think we are going to see some moves soon. All the other ones kinda started doing similar charts before they took off and I am thinking this is the next!
  14. I was born in 85 These where the crowning years of entertainment as we know it. Movies, games, and music where a huge part of the time I grew up in. Much like today, it defined the era to such a degree you can hardly think of one with out the other. Stand up cabinets where all the rage and slapping a quarter on the marquee was the equivalent of lining up for battle. The winner wasn't much more then a high score, but all the bragging rights in the world came with it. But, to get there we all had to get familiar with two words first. GAME OVER. If any of that gets you tingling with nostalgia you have to read the book " READY PLAYER ONE" before the movie comes out. It is what us 8 bitters have dreamed about for a long time and I promise you won't want to stop turning the pages. Keep it Crypto Tendo
  15. tendoglass

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    50 to two members. Comes out to about 50 bucks USD atm.
  16. Bounties are a great way to make extra coins for free while at the same time expanding the coins reach. It benefits both parties for exposure which always has a positive effect on a coin. For more info on bounties and different types read this article https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@alexth/easy-money-bounty-campaigns Keep it Crypto Tendo
  17. tendoglass

    Have you read the book " Ready Player One" ? 

    Check it out it wont disappoint
  18. tendoglass

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    Nope your still good! Giveaway happens when we hit 500 members! You can also join the LOL Discord for a chance to win some there!
  19. tendoglass

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    Not really, more of a safe place to get info and calls every now and again. Though with the market as of late mainly just a HODL. I do giveaways and was even thinking of doing a you tube channel.....maybe.
  20. tendoglass

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    They are going on the market currently for a little over a dollar but have been up to 2.50. Just got to https://crypto-bridge.org/ and track us there. We had over 13 BTC in volume in 24 hours!
  21. tendoglass

    Crypto Beats: undervalued crypto tool

    Hey ladies and gents, just wanted to throw you guys some cool toons for the upcoming trade athon. It is going to get crazy out there, so we will need to chill. Here is the first installment of crypto jams!
  22. tendoglass

    Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    Will be doing a LOL coin giveaway at 500 members! 82 people away from free tradable coins!
  23. tendoglass

    Life in Genesis forum

    Extremely undervalued but will take off in 2018 for sure.
  24. tendoglass

    Game or airdrop?

    Well I meant to say I was trading not ticket lol.