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  1. The deadline is coming and we want to make sure everyone is taken care of. Be sure to reach out to any of us on the team!
  2. Guys, it is looking a little rough out there. But I am not really worried and you shouldn't be either. There is a bunch of fud on top of the worst time of year for trading. So remember, it is a cycle and it to shall pass.
  3. Battlestar.......yaaaaaaas

    Its about to go down!
  4. Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    When we hit 500 members I will do the giveaway!
  5. TRIG Giveaway!

  6. LOL giveaway

    Congrats again bud!
  7. LOL giveaway

    I'm going to continue doing different ones! One person at a time yes, but I plan on doing them frequently. And here is a little tip, I like cool comments
  8. LOL giveaway

    We need to get you a wallet! would you like to download our staking Wallet?
  9. LOL giveaway

  10. Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    50 to two members. Comes out to about 50 bucks USD atm.
  11. Have you read the book " Ready Player One" ? 

    Check it out it wont disappoint
  12. Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    Nope your still good! Giveaway happens when we hit 500 members! You can also join the LOL Discord for a chance to win some there!
  13. Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    Not really, more of a safe place to get info and calls every now and again. Though with the market as of late mainly just a HODL. I do giveaways and was even thinking of doing a you tube channel.....maybe.
  14. Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    They are going on the market currently for a little over a dollar but have been up to 2.50. Just got to https://crypto-bridge.org/ and track us there. We had over 13 BTC in volume in 24 hours!
  15. Free Trading Group: Crypto Basement!

    Will be doing a LOL coin giveaway at 500 members! 82 people away from free tradable coins!