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  1. axel33333

    Favorite Soccer Club

    probably Everton because there was an Aussie playing for them ages ago I think?
  2. axel33333

    I just won 5,000 GEN..

    Congrats mate done well
  3. axel33333

    April Update - What’s Going On and What’s Next?

    Nice read looking forward
  4. axel33333

    Calendar of Events

    Thanks for the links appreciate it
  5. axel33333

    Do you own Genesis Coins?

    Thanks for that, I should have read the thread about it
  6. axel33333

    Digitbite news

    I have quite a few digibytes should grow this year
  7. axel33333

    Buying Altcoins

    Creat an account with an exchange then buy btc then buy your coin
  8. axel33333

    Genesis Coin In 2018

    Will only get bigger, how big? no one knows that but hopefully it blows up
  9. axel33333

    cryptocurrency to invest on this 2018

    I agree with Verge Could blow up this year
  10. axel33333

    My coins

    Thankyou hopefully they all shoot up!
  11. axel33333

    XRB any faucet to earn this coin!!!

    Google should give you a few options. lot of work to faucet coin though
  12. axel33333

    Tips for 2018?

    I like verge personally it could blow up this year
  13. axel33333

    Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

    high 20's I think
  14. axel33333

    Can Bitcoin regain it's value

    It could easily get to 20k again but as you say more coins coming in that potentially can over take bitcoin might mean it never does
  15. axel33333

    (XRP) Ripple making a mockery of our crypto world

    Personally not a big fan off it but might turn out to be a pricey coin