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  1. Remember Dogecoin?

    I love doge. Always have and always will. Though it basically started out as a joke, quite a few people took a real shine to it and the coin has not looked back since. It is fast and cheap. Everything you could ever want in a crypto for trading purposes.
  2. Newbie

    I would suggest you take a look around the forum. There are quite a few newbie friendly guides that you could check out. And if the existing guides don't answer your questions, just post your question in the forum and someone would come along and point you in the right direction.
  3. Updates on MyEtherWallet / BLUE

    It was actually all Blue. They basically created a whole entire story through tweets on their twitter account to make it seem as if MEW was compromised or hacked and basically spreading a whole lot of FUD. I'm somewhat inclined to agree with @Jackson_Genesis that it seems almost as if the Blue team is just trying to shill their own token by "attacking" other projects. Shilling may be a necessary evil but there is never any good reason to attack others without any provocation.
  4. Coin cash out

    Right now it's 499.99 GEN for 500 Genesis Coins.
  5. This genesis bank im liking it right now

    Yes. Do a search of the forums and you'll see that you earn 1% interest on your bank deposits.
  6. bank account

    Reads that way. So just think of it as a normal bank where you earn 1% a month on your deposits.
  7. Buy or wait?

    I wouldn't be too sure about that. Imo, a correction to 12k or so is very much possible and even likely. 12k might be a good entry point though since btc price would likely skyrocket once the lightning network launches successfully.
  8. Dump and Pump in crypto

    What @munareal said. Personally, I don't agree with pump and dumps since it is basically manipulating the market for your own (or your group's) personal gain. It is a selfish act that hurts developers and their projects as well as the people who invested and believed in them. Not to mention that pump and dumps hurt the crypto community as a whole by giving people the impression that such acts are actually common in the cryptoverse. Remember all the bad press crypto was getting? Well, this ain't helping any.
  9. Genesis store

    You can use Genesis Points to purchase Genesis Coins in the shop. These Genesis Coins can then be withdrawn to your ERC20 Compatible Wallet.
  10. Updates on MyEtherWallet / BLUE

    MEW was never compromised per se. The "hacking" happened because people were redirected to a phishing website pretending to be MEW. People entered their private keys and basically compromised their accounts. https://twitter.com/crypto_hokie/status/950728341161725952
  11. Ethereum high fees & slow transactions incoming?

    Ethermon is going to appeal to every single pokemon fan out there. And I'm sure everyone remembers what happened when Pokemon GO was launched. Expect pandemonium to break out on the Ether network. I like the artwork though. Way more polished than cryptokitties.
  12. I need help

    As ZionDominic has rightly pointed out, always read the instructions carefully before participating in an airdrop. Missing out any details or step could easily disqualify you for the airdrop. Technically, an airdrop should be free and there is really no need for you to have any Ethereum in your wallet prior to participation. However, some airdrops do indicate that your wallet should have a minimum amount of ETH. That said, if any airdrop requires you to send ETH to their wallet before you can qualify for the free tokens, be very careful as some of these supposed airdrops are just blatant attempts to relieve the unsuspecting of their precious ETH.
  13. Guide: Windows Wallet Backup

    Technically, you can backup your wallet by simply keeping a copy of your wallet.dat in a thumbdrive or wherever you deem to be safe. The wallet.dat includes information like your private keys which you would need to restore your wallet. This typically works for QT wallets.
  14. Just wanted to thank everyone once again for all the help in retweeting and helping LOL out. And of course to the Genesis team for making this even possible.
  15. Genesis bank interest

    Does that mean Genesis bank interest is paid out once a month over a couple of days or just literally a month? I can't seem to detect any particular pattern in the crediting of interest for December.