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    So basically its outsourcing the entire infrastructure to a 3rd party player like Genesis, Hash flare, etc, who have a proper setup (infrastructure), to mine. You pay them a certain amount for the hashes you purchase, and start getting paid on day 2 (mostly). All your money is spent in upgrading the Infrastructure (mining pools). Physical mining, is when you buy the mining equipment and mine yourself (not at all advisable)
  2. Parsashiva


    Hey everyone, I'm a 21 years old guy doing marketing online, I do have a lot of ideas and proposals for genesis! I think they have the potential to be a one of the top coins however advertisements are very weak for this service, same thing happens to many other coins, having the high tech and doing great as engineers but no marketing
  3. Hey guys, I'm a newbie and I was just wondering if anyone here sees Genesis as a good coin to invest on?!
  4. Parsashiva

    Online support

    I see, however even on your website! online support is not available neither I could find anyways to contact you! I did however text on the telegram group chat which again! I have not received any answers! Myself, I own 40 websites where I sell my products and since I needed to force the customer into a landing page, where no menu is available, an online chat come in handy very much It is of course just a suggestion and not a complain! but as much as I have investigated on Genesis coins, it would be a pity to lose potential customers for weak marketing! Thank you
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    Where can I check the price of GEN coins? I tried visiting a few well known websites such as coinranking.com or coins.live but I cannot find even the approximate price for GEN! I would appreciate a direct link
  6. Parsashiva

    How to withdraw money?

    Alright, I just realized how it all works! thanks
  7. Parsashiva

    Transfer genesis points

    Alright I understand, thanks for your help
  8. Parsashiva

    Online support

    It would be so great if there could be an online support system, a small tab below the website, like the intercom platform provides! this way the customers could easily solve their problems and get answers for their questions. I think it is a necessity!
  9. Parsashiva

    Transfer genesis points

    Is it possible to transfer genesis points from 2 different accounts into 1 account?
  10. Parsashiva

    How to withdraw money?

    I have a couple of genesis coins but I want to exchange it to bill money, I want to transfer it to my bank account, any Idea how?