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  1. viggen

    give it to the project

    see you on telegram
  2. viggen

    16K Genesis points GIVEAWAY

    Points received, from you and @llyfee . Thanks you guys..!!!
  3. viggen

    January HODL Program Interest

    Hi, please check this. I'm not yet received interest payment. 0x3A441aF06d7F51B2840bf53DBf20fE0C154F0119 You may send it to me as tokens or points. Both are great. Thank you.
  4. viggen

    New Forum Rank Names - Have Your Say

    I like army ranks. Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant...
  5. viggen


    No worries, at least you've tried for us. Thank you, we appreciate it. $150 is a lot.
  6. viggen

    Why is Bitcoin not called an altcoin

    I think that came from bitcointalk, as we know that bitcointalk is the first official forum to discuss btc, and perhaps the first too that focused on cryptocurrency. Bitcointalk catagorized all coins other than btc as Altcoins. CMIIW.
  7. viggen


    Hi Jackson, just a suggestion. what if the group admins tested Idex for us, some of you sell, and some others buy GEN there to convince us? Be the first penguin to jump. I'm sure many will follow you after that. ps: i'm a coward, don't ask me to do the first jump.
  8. viggen


    Coincodex now listed idex as GEN exchange.
  9. viggen

    What's the Future of Genesis?

    I dont know how mate.. i really dont know.. Just think like you do parachuting, if you're sure, then jump off the plane. if your parachute expands perfectly, you'll enjoy the beautiful scenery below. If it fails, you'll still see the beautiful scenery below .. until your face hit the ground. No one is responsible whether you will live or not after jumping off the plane. You are the one who guarantees your own life. do not expect anything other than yourself. Just relax, enjoy the scenery, time will tell.
  10. viggen


    I just saw on coincodex GEN is now on YoBit. Is it true?
  11. Be careful with Chinese New Year event, it's likely that many BTCs will be sold before that holiday season. BTC can go down further touching 8k.
  12. viggen

    16K Genesis points GIVEAWAY

    https://twitter.com/komdotjimil/status/955373978368991232 Thank you, 25 GEN points is enough.
  13. viggen

    Bitcoin gaining momentum

    FYI, Tuesday 1-16 it dropped to under 10k on coinbase. But dont blame me if you have heart attack mate..
  14. Read the weekly update above, there's more that will make you surprised.
  15. More than 65% GEN hodlers are 25-40 years old, it's a golden ages in cryptoworld. Two thumbs up Jackson.