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  1. Lottery Draw Details - February 23, 2018

    No idea which one is the mega super loto
  2. Billy, don't get me wrong, i am behind Genesis whatever they do. if Genesis will be on discord i will be there too
  3. Hi Billy, I am just a user so not sure, but my personal take is not enough people are right now active, even on telegram
  4. Hi xindoa, it shown how many members there is in the forum. I think on the main page
  5. Ajelyn, since we are in a community there is no Sir, as we are all kind of equal
  6. Gen coins and Gen Points

    yes, a get together will be great i believe. however, we are all from different parts of the worls. in another thread i have put out the idea to make a meet up somewhere! we need to speak to @Jackson_Genesis to see how it is possible. I travel sometimes and would love to help out if possible, i really believe in this project also becouse of Jackson
  7. Time to get Serious

    Hi Endure, it cant be correct because i had a transaction more than 5 dollars
  8. I just won 5,000 GEN..

    i didnt know there was a twitrer campain. Congrats erick. Welcome to the comunity, more than the 5000 coins you won 1500 friends here
  9. coinbase

    Not sure about the coinbase, maybe they are holding pending you fill uo the paperwork. The governments will eventually catch up. My advice is whatever country you are in you should check the local legistrature. The governements theorhetically can only check once you turn it back to fiat right now and put it back into a bank. Even if you could use the crypto for daily expenses, imagine you pay for a gym with crypto and the gym registers it has they must due to insurance, profits etc than the government will know that you have cryptos and ask you to disclose. So best is to prepare
  10. Exchanges

    @Jackson_Genesis hope we can get it into one more .
  11. Blockport Gets listed in Kucoin

    What is so special about it ? Endure i am looking at the next coin as my zcl is reaching the fork and will need to see what is next
  12. Ajelyn, the easiest way is to look through the forum, find a subject that you are interested or know about and get involved. Feel free to ask for help in the right sections, we are all very nice here.
  13. How do I know good airdrop

    @LeeMac i went to the website. Anf there is a whole list of of coins. I tried a couple and had the following issues 1: some coins seem to only give for affiliates meabing when you get others, so i can cross them off as i am not important and noone following me. 2: some seem to have already finished the airdrop. Do you know if there is anywhere an updated list that gives you a airdrop for joining as well? Thank you
  14. How do I know good airdrop

    Leemac i will try your site !