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  1. Alvi

    Favorite Soccer Club

    Yes. I feel really sad. Always something to stop them from being no 1
  2. Alvi

    Favorite Soccer Club

    Why not messi ?
  3. Alvi

    Favorite Soccer Club

    @tennesseeJedEYE soccer or football . The other one is called American football
  4. Dear Jackson. Happy to read the report and looking forward for the exciting changes
  5. Alvi

    Introduce Yourself!

    @cryptofranco welcome to the community
  6. Voted Jackson , as usual your words and work are amazing
  7. Alvi

    Quick Weekly Update - March 26

    Dear Jackson, thank you very much for the great work. Looking forwadd to the third airdrop
  8. Alvi

    local forum

    The question is how many are there here who dont speak english. Obviously if there are too many than we should question the airdrop or marketing in the first place. Imho If we have a language section it should be maybe as a section only
  9. For me i missed 5 days on the forum due to work. Need my daily fix here as it is a community
  10. No points in introduce yourself i believe
  11. Alvi


    @xindoa what is rl? I will be in spain in 2 weeks if anyone is there otherwise will have to do with the sun and beach
  12. @LeeMac thank you !
  13. Alvi


    @LeeMac is doing a great job warning people on the Scams fake airdrops.
  14. Alvi


    It is really sad, for example i follow Bitcoin Private and every time they post something there is someone posting this scam and scammers reply so it i guess it stays higher, I cant explain how stressed i feel for new investors that dont have any idea how crypto works and lose money which most can't afford to lose.
  15. Alvi

    Bitcoin Millionaire

    I am confirm i am not rich and best thing in my wallet is GEN. when GEN moons to a 10,000$ I will be a millionaire and will need to hide my location