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  1. atronax

    Bear Market

    You're welcome to join here: https://t.me/joinchat/EnbX8Q9P5b34lnomjt06Nw
  2. atronax

    Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Nice to see every new member on this boat. Join activities and gather Genesis rewards while it progresses. Good luck!
  3. atronax

    Bitcoin Competitors

    Competition leads to evolution. Surely, not all coins want to compete are competing, otherwise we couldn't choose perspective ones, but that is what making coins become so as we know them now. Bitcoin is well known asset, most of other projects want to have such popularity. It also has well known flows, whole field to work on.
  4. atronax

    Fiat currency or Bitcoin

    BitcoinCash (sarcasm) Seriously, it depends on sum. If I was a bitcoin millionaire, maybe choosing bitcoin would be a good step. Nothing to be nervous about. But for poories like me with this instability, extremely fast rises and drops, trading wins and losses it is good to have some fiat covering back.
  5. atronax

    April Update - What’s Going On and What’s Next?

    Once path is chosen and disclosed, the project will get second birth. If we want mass adoption, having a real world use case is extremely important. We'll get there eventually, so the future with Genesis in avant-garde is inevitable. Congrats, vhigfill! Maybe, you could offer some contest on twitter if you want. Additional promotion is never odd.
  6. atronax

    I just won 5,000 GEN..

    Hold them and gather additional rewards monthly. Genesis has great developers and community, eventually these 5000 tokens will be real treasure. Long way to go, but anywats. You're lucky mate!
  7. Tokens are so cheap now, that it would be a crime not to diversify portfolio with Genesis. You never know what will be the future of the project, but forum atmosphere and devs efforts tells me everything will be fine.
  8. atronax

    Hello from Nigeria

    What a wonderful time we live in. As crypto unites the whole world, more and more communities show how friendly can be atmosphere on Earth. Welcome!
  9. atronax

    Ethereum Price Prediction for May 2018

    If everything goes like it goes, we should see 800-900 sparrows by the end of this month. Long road till latest peaks, though. In any case, it must reach $1200 in June-July. Enough of сhilling!
  10. atronax

    Best Game of 2018 So Far?

    Kingdom Come is the one I liked so far. Good plot, nice mechanics and graphics. Also funny bugs in the unpatched version. This year can't boast of many good projects, at least until E3 and GamesCon, although Detroit: Become Human could also be an interesting project.
  11. atronax

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    Imo, second option is the best one to promote the project. Like others said, dApp should solve real world project, so that it could bring new people into our community and crypto in general. For now I can think of streaming platform with subscriptions, so that users could get rewards for qualitative material easily. Unfortunately, such projects are really hard to implement and expensive to maintain. At least, for now. Speaking of shop, it is really great module that should develop further. It is a great chance for photographers, writers, musicians, programmers etc. to sell their digital products. Unique content is preferable, so that Genesis store will stand out of other cryptocurrencies. In any case, thanks for updates and good luck with the project!
  12. atronax

    Is the Bear Market Coming to an End?

    Really depressing to see portfolio shrinking during last three monthes. On the other hand, that was a good chance to fill it buying on dips. Too early to say something clearly as prices of top coins are slightly moving up and down, but I hope that's the beginning of the growing market. In any case, good time for accumulating hasn't passed yet.
  13. atronax

    I like genesis coin because ......

    Distribution plan seems honest for both newbie and veteran members.
  14. atronax

    What Exchanges Are Realistic for Genesis?

    YOBIT look like a scam. At least people complain a lot about really long listing time and even withdraw problems. Until then the only choice is low-volume and new ones. What are the requirements of next.exchange?
  15. atronax

    All about Genesis forum.com

    Tenchical implementation puts lots of other forums under the foot. Don't forget we are just at the beginning, making baby steps. I believe the forum will develop quicker as the value of the product develops. Enjoy it now and wait the future.