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  1. aaalims


    i follow and upvote follow and upvote back sir @nadirayumna
  2. I really like this, give me a chance to participate in this lottery
  3. aaalims

    Who has invested in COLX?

    I've never heard of COLX, I'm sorry
  4. aaalims

    why the ETh fee increase

    probably because of the heating competition with other newly emerging cyptocoin
  5. Ripple? my be.... I think the development is too slow, I think Waves who will continue to rise
  6. aaalims


    I've swapped it all now is choosing another cryptocoin alt
  7. aaalims

    XRB any faucet to earn this coin!!!

    yes when cool if there is a faucet to collect a small change even though, maybe there is more to know about faucet xrb?
  8. aaalims

    Genesis Coin In 2018

    I think it will be quite competitive with other large cryptocoin, because it already has a large forum base and generate as well