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  1. cryptoshiva

    Ronaldo Vs Messi (who's the better best)

    There is always a difference between Class and Mass - Some people are born gifted, while others acquire those gifts with sheer determination, grit & hard-work. THE BIGGEST REASON I LOVE MESSI IS CAUSE, HE CELEBRATES WHEN HIS TEAM-MATES SCORE TOO, IN FACT ITS A GIANT JUMPING HUG TO THE SCORER. ON THE OTHER HAND CR7 CAN'T STAND HIS TEAM MATES SCORING, WHICH DEMONSTRATES HIS SELFISH PLAY. FOOTBALL IS A TEAM SPORT, AND NOT A SOLO GAME. Please correct me, if I am wrong with this observation.
  2. cryptoshiva

    What is Best Cloud Mining

    So basically its outsourcing the entire infrastructure to a 3rd party player like Genesis, Hash flare, etc, who have a proper setup (infrastructure), to mine. You pay them a certain amount for the hashes you purchase, and start getting paid on day 2 (mostly). All your money is spent in upgrading the Infrastructure (mining pools). Physical mining, is when you buy the mining equipment and mine yourself (not at all advisable) You could PM me if you wish to know any further.
  3. Bitcoin Cash is the real BTC, it is what will hold value in the future. Also, all this will be only till the Block Chain technology exists, once Hashgraph takes over. We will have newer players, completely different from the Block Chain Cryptos Comprendez?
  4. cryptoshiva

    Favorite Soccer Club

    Your Favorite Soccer club, And why you like them ! Their greatest achievement (Winning any Championship/Cup) Favorite player from that Team. My all time fav club would be FC Barcelona Favorite All time player would be Lionel Armando Messi.
  5. Remember that one game, which literally drove you Crazy (generated a violent episode, due to failing the level in the game). Things, which you might have done ! The final outcome, of the game ! Were you able to finish it or not! Do you regret the crazy thing you might have done?
  6. cryptoshiva

    Game or airdrop?

    Thats the same case across the board, Rollin -, gaming/Cryptotrading/gaming/eating/Cryptotrading/rollin/nature's call/rehydrating/Cryptotrading/gaming/sleeping/getting up/rolling/Cryptotrading/gaming That's life for me now. Sucks right
  7. cryptoshiva

    who has ever finished the game God of war

    I have finished all of them, one of the most violent Games, I have ever played, there are places, where you earn health by performing some CRAZY tasks, I had to quickly lower the volume of my home theater, to avoid my neighbours waking up in the middle of the night to some very high pitched moaning. Crazy nite.
  8. cryptoshiva

    First game you played

    Prince of Persia on DOS, anyone remember?
  9. That one game, any type, PS, Xbox, PC, Handheld, which was your all time favorite. Any one, only, please, and what made you like it ? Mine was God of War (the entire series)
  10. cryptoshiva

    Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

    I stumbled and fell over a bush, nearly had my face entirely scarred, while playing PGO.... Now, I run behind my daughter, who too plays it. Man - Circle of life.
  11. cryptoshiva

    Addicted to Cryptocurrencies

    I am so addicted to crypto, that I havent slept in the last 72 hours, since BTC has started plummeting, and thoroughly enjoying this ride. Viva la crypto Thank you Upbit - 6.5 Billion USD in the last 24 hours.
  12. cryptoshiva

    Life in Genesis forum

    This forum is so much more easier on the eyes.
  13. cryptoshiva

    Buy or wait?

    Technical Analysis, using Indicators. But always use the Fibs, they show you the supports and resistances.