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  1. vhighfill

    Community Meetings

    Hi everyone I saw we used to have community meetings discussing the gen coin. I have'nt see any since December. I would like to see more community meetings so that more members can get involved with genesis coins. Can some of the staff get in and say talk more about what's happening in the grand scope of things? can we have a meeting at least once a week or once a month so we can see growth in this community? I love this forum and yet hate that it's slowly running out of steam. I want to see more participation. Any suggestions to get it back to when it was first started? I am reaching out team! I want to see where Gen coin is headed
  2. vhighfill

    give it to the project

    After I donate all coins I have left I want to bid my goodbye to you all for now. I hope my small donations will help with the future of Genesis. I will miss you all but it hurts me knowing that this forum is coming to a close so soon. I will check in on the telegram from time to time to see how much Genesis has grown and to see how the marketplace is doing. I wish you all the luck in the world and pray you get to your goal of success.
  3. I want to donate all of my points and coins to the project. It saddens me that this forum will end. I guess that is all I want to do is help and maybe someday I can see the market explode with that  said, I a, done for now

  4. vhighfill

    Genesis lottery

    Just wanting an update on the next lottery draw. I've been missing due to family issues but stopped by to say hi to everyone and bought some gen and tickets. I sure can use another win. When I get enough gen I want to start investing my coin on the exchange. Miss you all and hope to be back more often.
  5. am using a chrome book laptop. My question is will I be able to mine with this computer? I am glad you explained very well all about mining and I do appreciate how well you have presented this material and I have learned a lot from this so I thank you. I do have another computer which is in need of repair that is windows 10.
  6. Have you noticed my wall? There is a rainbow! At the end of every rainbow there is a pot of Genesis coins just waiting for you to find.

    So I suggest you get busy looking for your pot of coins along with me. 

  7. vhighfill

    Hello from SC , USA

    as real as the sun coming up every morning and setting every evening. Help us make this a fun experience for you
  8. vhighfill

    New discussions

    Hello, people what is happening in your neck of the woods? I have been surfing around our space here and I am not seeing enough content to keep everyone active. I know Summer brings lots of options for fun and projects, BUT... I miss talking and sharing what can be the most exciting times of our lives. Exchanges and gains are so fun to look forward to yet I am not seeing a lot of action in our plans for the future. So how about we get together at a time schedule which will be good for everybody to chat and share experiences with our cryptocurrency world. How soon do you think we will be seeing it take over the currency of the world? Just some questions here to start thinking about. I am curious as to what you all think about your future. What do you want to see happen and why? maybe we can have some contest ideas. WE NEED YOUR INPUT. Lets get this forum going in a more positive way.
  9. vhighfill

    Cryptocurrencies in exchange wallets

    I have some in coinbase which I've been holding since December. I plan on holding indefinitely. I've had good luck with coinbase
  10. vhighfill

    I'm back!

    About time. Lol I'm checking in every once in awhile but I guess everyone went on vacation its summer here so many people are gone for the warmer temps. Good you are back.
  11. vhighfill

    Suggest for Genesis Security

    we have a great wallet that with Meta mask is secure. I don't feel we need to go that far with a forum security and so far from what I can tell that all of the members are good and hopefully we won't have to worry about a forum hack. It's the wallets or exchanges that get hacked.
  12. vhighfill

    All new members and guests

    I would like to start by saying I hope all new members and guests start by reading the rules and then please participate in the forums. Find a subject you are interested in and let us know what is on your mind or ask for help and suggestions. Guests I hope you find us interesting and join the group. We talk and share all kinds of stuff. We learn from each other and we have fun meeting people from all over the world. So why not just get in here and show us who you are. Welcome aboard.
  13. vhighfill

    All new members and guests

    Don't forget to Read the RULES and come in and join the fun topics and please share.
  14. vhighfill


    Hi and welcome hope you will start adding your input into our community. We look forward to talking with you
  15. vhighfill

    Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Great to have new members and to wait and see what you all can do to add to this great community
  16. vhighfill

    Bitcoin Competitors

    You know that's a good question. I think its giving choices to everyone to make concerning value of these coins as well as security in coins. What coins are used for what products. In competing for being the best. Just a thought!
  17. vhighfill

    Fiat currency or Bitcoin

    I agree. I am seeing the ups and downs so much more now and not quite secure in its future so yup fiat is good. Maybe in the future when coins get more stable and people stay in instead of letting fear cause so much in and out of trades it can become a good coin. I'm hoping genesis when it gets going we support it and make it grow into a stable pattern so we all benefit. Thoughts??
  18. vhighfill

    My videos

    I have been busy making my health videos. Hoping when they are published I can count on all of you to follow along and like my videos and subscribe to them. They are all about keeping healthy. About cancer cures and loaded with information that I have researched in the last five years. I am sharing all of this information to everyone in hopes that I can help them in some way. I have posted three on Facebook so far but still in edit process to make them more pleasing. So if you do see them be patient its a work in progress. Also please hit a like for me so I can get them out there. I need your input in the comment section. Thanks for any help. I can take criticism.
  19. vhighfill

    Ethereum Price Prediction for May 2018

    I'm hoping at least 900 by end of month then in June 10,000 and continually go up. No downward moves from no on would be best case scenario.
  20. I am investing I have Gen coins now that I plan on exploring all my options. I was purchasing my lottery tickets just for that reason, and I won a lottery. This afforded me to start investing. I think its a great idea because points are given for your input into this project to help it grow so the points are free. You gain enough to buy the coin then it goes to your wallet. Its still free so when you invest it really never cost because gen is investing in you to help the project.
  21. I have changed my picture because I want you all to know "You are special" to me. I want us all to grow here in Genesis. I want us all to support this great project. We are a team and its so good to have that winning feeling.  And my profile now has a rainbow for us all to reach our dreams. They say there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Let's share this dream together.

    1. billyboy


      I'm feeling you!

  22. vhighfill

    April Update - What’s Going On and What’s Next?

    I am also excited. Wow I'm rich. Never in a million did I think I would win Alvi and everyone else here. Haven't figured out just what I will do so maybe buy more gen coins and lottery tickets. Or give some away. Hmm a thought. Thanks Genesis.io
  23. I like change....

  24. vhighfill

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    I voted #2 I also believe we need a marketing strategy because it really is important in getting the word out. I thought about the community but seems lately the people that have joined are missing and we need to build, but somehow keep more interest because it seems we are losing members imput, so that is why I voted option 2. It would be good to have a product that could be purchased with the coin but that limits those who want the product but do not have the coins to make the purchases. A gaming company may be a good way to go. Where if they have to buy gen coins to continue in a game or buy something needed to continue as in many games already using some kind of token. All I can say is I am sorry you have a lot on your plate and I commend you. Wishing you good luck in this endeavor. If I can help in any way I will try. JFYI I am doing a lot to advertise the coin every chance I get.
  25. vhighfill

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    while you all do the hard stuff I will continue to broadcast as much as I can on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. I want to market as much as I can to get some interest in what this project is and can be. I also agree we need somehow to get the members involved more but how is the question. I have posted to newbies and guests in hopes of getting some responses, but so far I see none. Yes it has been quiet and that's not a good thing. I was very busy but tried to check in every now and again. I have returned to duty, Ha Ha. Missed everyone. Hoping to hear from all my great friends here soon. I am with you and maybe need some suggestions on how to help more in the group.