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  1. What Would You Like to Know?

    I want to know all the steps like ... Example I bought some coin it shows .00021352 in my account it shows 9.55 us dollars OK so o want to sell . how do I sell what would fees be and how much in dollars would I get and how do I get it to my safe place. Because I'm still lost on what it all means. This is just my example
  2. can anyone help me?

    It Is informative and I am learning more about the icos and thanks for the information. I don't see how there are referral links associated to the post so I commend you. I need to look at coinstarter to see what its all about
  3. Welcome guests

    I see we have some guest online. I'd like to ask that you join us. You may have valuable contributions to give us or you may learn from us. You can earn Genesis points and use those to purchase our Gen coins. Its a great project that can surely use your insite. So come join read the rules and grow with us
  4. Referred links

    OK I have copied my referral links for genesis. I posted on twitter and on my face book. So how do I know if. these referrals will show mine to join. How will I know if a friend joins because I do have lots of friends on my accounts but don't know them all
  5. Updates on MyEtherWallet / BLUE

    Can you tell me what is blue. I've seen it a few times when discussed with ether wallet
  6. Genesis going live

    I was wondering when gen coin gets listed and we can start seeing it on an exchange will that be happening this year or next. I am hoping for this year. Is it possible? Another question I have is will the points be the same when changing them into Gen coins or will it go up. Reason I ask is mine are in bank for later on I don't want to lose their value. If it takes more than 499 per coin that would be decisions that need to be made so as to get coins sooner or later
  7. My coins

    Well the last few days I've seen an increase in my coins, which I'd making me happy. I'm holding and I hope these will continue to grow. Next month I may add to my small stash. With this said may I wish all to have our gen coin also grow and that we all will prosper. I wish good luck to all here in Genesis community
  8. Remember Dogecoin?

    Why was it considered a joke. I've heard of it but never as a joke. Do we need to be worried about this coin. I was looking into it
  9. Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    OK I checked again with etherdelta Twitter and they said they are back up and running ok. I'm sorry for the scare. I'm not going to get any more info from crypto news source. I'm going to another more reliable source. I'm sorry but when I saw that it alarmed me because of attempts and I do have ETH invested but no wallet yet so its on coinbase.
  10. Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    Well I saw there was rumors of being hacked again. Its like they are being a target. I would post it but not my signature. But if you go to crypto news there is another article about the wallet and exchange.
  11. YouTube

    If I find a good training or learning video can I post a link about it here. I have learned a lot watching some of these. But I understand if not allowed. So if not a good idea how about just info on who is posting these great videos. Thought I would ask do I'm not doing anything wrong
  12. Hi from your community manager

    We weren't told of anyone coming on board yet. My mistake though I was just told to check out staff. Once again I missed it so I want to thank you for being our manager. Now I know of all the parts in the community. I didn't read these because I thought it incomplete like the blog section and calendar of events so I never looked. How long have you been here in our community I just started seeing you post.
  13. Banned!

    That would tell me that you are not reading the rules and doing something wrong. So learn from mistakes. Read the rules and look through others responses and you won't get banned on any forum. They are all different. I have noticed many people don't check out the forum I'm an example. I missed a lot but I am new to all of this so I've learned to look at everything. Then I also don't ask questions that already have the answer on forums. So read and follow the rules and we can all learn together. Not get banned or discussions closed.
  14. Ethereum prediction for the first quarter of 2018

    With all that's going on with ETH and wallet issues or rumors I'd be afraid it may drop cause problems. I'm invested and wish all these rumors would go away. Makes me nervous. You know this can affect the ETH market too.
  15. Do you gamble

    Whether or not you like gambling we are all gambling. When you buy or trade coins tokens or points you are gambling hoping to gain and not lose. That is gambling don't you see that.