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  1. Scarry news here

    another email with some good news Coinbase Receives E-Money License from UK Financial Regulator The U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority granted Coinbase an e-money license. The license now enables the company the ability to provide payment services and issue digital cash alternatives, which can then be used to make card, internet or phone payments. A Coinbase spokesperson clarified that e-money is different from cryptocurrencies. As such, the license comes with stringent regulations designed to protect customers. The statement reads: Read more here
  2. Scarry news here

    I just got an email from coin base and it's something that has got me worried. So here is a copy of my email. Please give me some insight. Spooked By SEC, Video Streaming ICO Halts Airdrop Entrepreneurs are starting to doubt that crypto tokens can be used at all in the U.S. In fact, according to Simar Managt, the co-founder of distributed video streaming startup Stream, the current environment of regulatory uncertainty and rumors of subpoenas is putting such a pinch on projects that many are thinking about "moving elsewhere." But, while that hasn't happened yet for the Silicon Valley-incubated startup, the threat of regulator action is leading it to overhaul its product roll-out - drastically. Announced Tuesday, Stream is releasing a white paper that outlines its token distribution, but the process is on hold until the team knows how U.S. regulators will permit its tokens to be used. Launched in October, Stream had planned to give live-streamers, vloggers and online video makers a way to break platform lock-in by building a Chrome extension that allowed fans to tip creators wherever a video appeared, but the firm says its whole project has now been thrown into question. Borrowing terminology from GitHub, the founders are now doing what open-source coders call a "rebase," aiming to make the best of a difficult path ahead. That's not to say Stream hasn't shown a willingness to make key changes in strategy, starting with a shift in CEOs in January, with Mangat stepping in for former exec Ben Yu. The company has also changed how it would distribute tokens over time. For example, it had originally planned to redistribute its increased market cap to creators based on performance, as CoinDesk previously reported. Instead, Stream later shifted to a scheduled release or "airdrop" of its tokens. Stream would come to decrease its overall token supply as well, dropping the figure from 12.6 billion to 10 billion as a way to repay early backers for some of the unexpected gains made in the value of ether since those early investments. Perhaps most importantly, the team cancelled plans for a public token sale, choosing instead to raise all the money they needed in private sales to accredited investors. In order to build adoption and buzz for the project, they planned to do an airdrop to early supporters in their Telegram and other channels, as they described on Medium. The plan was to distribute 500 million of their total 10 billion tokens with an airdrop to different people who'd already shown their interest, rather than offering it for sale. With so many changes, though, the company sent out a message to everyone who had invested so far, updating them all on the new course and making sure that they are still comfortable with the strategy. Building a wall? Finally, late last week, the company decided the uncertainty went further than they thought. The original plan had been to launch the Chrome extension, release a round of investor tokens on the vesting schedule and airdrop tokens to supporters all on the same day later this month. "It is basically delayed indefinitely with our legal team to make sure we can move forward in the most compliant way possible," Mangat explained to CoinDesk. The sticking point is whether or not all tokens are securities. If they are, it could be that an airdrop is dangerous. Mangat pointed out that there were cases of companies giving away equity during the dot-com bubble, and securities regulators took action. As such, the company is in the middle of finding out if all tokens have to be registered or if there's a way they could distribute free tokens under the SEC's "Reg S," which provides for unregistered securities outside the country. Which raises the question of whether a whole new tech economy could come up outside a firewall around the U.S. Of course, there is another option. Stream could give up on its own token and just run all the tips on ether, which despite having been issued in an ICO has been free from regulator scrutiny. Mangat said: Read the whole story Tweet Share ⭐ COINDESK SPONSOR ⭐
  3. My new computer

    I am sorry this should have been posted in off topic and I answered in general.
  4. Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome and thanks for your post
  5. Bitcoin Millionaire

    How do I take my coins off of coin base. They are in their wallet which is mine but I still wish to know step by step how to do it. I have myether wallet and mets mask together but have no idea what I'm doing.
  6. My new computer

    I'm confused with my ether wallet and meta mask. Now I have gen coin on etherscan and have some other coins on coin base. How can I transfer the other coins from coin base or should I cash out and then buy . or can I even do that. This is so confusing to me. I've read about transfers of gen to myether wallet but still don't understand.
  7. Meetup

    wow I am not that far from Ohio. But it depends where in Ohio you are located tennesseeJedEYE
  8. My new computer

    OK I got my new computer. Its going to take me some time to get it all organized. I'm so happy. I will need some help setting up my ether wallet with meta mask. Github and some other stuff as I go along. Woot I'm going now and get busy. Be back soon
  9. As soon as I get my computer in a few days I am letting you all know that I am going to start my investing in Genesis coin I hope to help make it grow. I'm going to be busy the next few days getting everything set up so I will be only checking in once in awhile. You may not hear from me but I will be back after I've completed my tasks.
  10. General room

    Cool I see it. Wow now I can look for my lost content. I like being able to go back to a post to refresh my memory or just get the information I read and forgot. Thank you so much. Hugs and love
  11. Newbie to all of this

    Welcome and if you look around the forum you will find out all you want to know. Read the rules first. Glad to have you. I'm fairly new too but have learned so much here. People are great here . if you don't find what you need just ask someone.
  12. Meetup

    I have seen a couple but they are not on much. One I know was from Boston Ma., which is fairly close to me. I think the other was from NY OR NJ. But I'll keep looking
  13. Investing in markets

    I only use Acorns. Its a very small investment and I feel its a good place to start. It shows every day like coin base how much you have earned or lost. You can put in as much or little money and the money is invested into a lot of penny stocks. So they set up the stocks and you sit back and watch your money grow. So far I've done OK in it. If I get friends to join I get paid back 5.00 for their first 5.00. But its through a link and I only put it on twitter and Facebook. I thought about investing in the pot stock because it has so much interest and futures look good. Just haven't yet.
  14. That's fine with me I appreciate the meaning and if any one wants to use this I'd like that. It shows how we can really work together.
  15. Airdrops

    I thank you all for this information and now feel a bit safer at least knowing some things to do to be safe. Again thanks so much. Very helpful.