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  1. cbob1911

    Interstellar Meme

    Guy: Kid, you can't do that. Kid: No, it's necessary.
  2. cbob1911

    Interstellar Meme

    Murph, i'm coming home!
  3. cbob1911

    Im New Member, I want to have GEN coins.

    points are given in here?
  4. cbob1911

    Hi guys newbie here

    hi, welcome! dont forget to participate in the genesis lottery.
  5. cbob1911


    really like bit-z's exchange. the voting bonuses is pretty nifty.
  6. cbob1911

    Hello all

    hi welcome!
  7. cbob1911


    bit-z would be a good addition for exchanges to list in.
  8. cbob1911

    Valentine's Day Meme Giveaway Thread!

    totally forgot about that thanks for reminding.
  9. cbob1911

    Valentine's Day Meme Giveaway Thread!

    haha, i like this one.
  10. it hasn't reach capitulation yet imo. still lots of room to the downside to go. i think it's now in the bull trap early stage.
  11. cbob1911

    Valentine's Day Meme Giveaway Thread!

    doesnt appear to show anything, Nefarious. link dead?
  12. cbob1911

    Bitcoin - the conclusion

    i don't think this is the end of it. BIS just came out with negative sentiment on current crypto market.
  13. cbob1911

    About February HODL Program

    turning out to be a pleasant surprise right?
  14. The rank program would be good to filter out the spam. Any hints on how it'll be enforced?
  15. cbob1911

    About February HODL Program

    what's the reason behind the price and speed? the more transactions in the network, the pricier it is to send?