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    Genesis wallet

    The website is down as we are re-designing it to reflect the future of Genesis. The wallet available on the site was just an interface and didn't hold or store any keys, so nothing has been lost.
  2. Jackson_Genesis

    Best Game of 2018 So Far?

    What's the best game of 2018 you've played so far? I've played quite a few that have come out this year but none really stand out to me, although the two games I've had the most fun with are Far Cry 5 and Frostpunk which released last week. I wouldn't say either are Game of the Year contenders though, I reckon that will be Red Dead Redemption 2! Really looking forward to State of Decay 2 this month too!
  3. Jackson_Genesis

    Who's hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2?

    Anyone else super excited for Red Dead Redemption 2? Not long to go now!
  4. Jackson_Genesis

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    Thanks for sharing, will look into it when I get a chance. I'll also look about setting up discord for when we begin advancing forward at a quicker pace!
  5. Good to see you guys here! Definitely approve of the community focus you've gone for, it's great to see that both our projects share similar values!
  6. To help kick things off, we're holding a contest for people to design and create the default and custom profile and cover images for members on the forum. Each entry will be rewarded with 200 Genesis Points. A winner will be chosen whose designs will be used as the default profile image for new members. The winner will receive 1000 Genesis Points. Post your entries as a reply to this thread.
  7. Jackson_Genesis

    Is Bitcoin a good investment?

    Is Bitcoin a good investment and is it worth buying at current prices?
  8. Jackson_Genesis

    New Genesis Token - Have Your Say

    Following our announcement that we are developing a cryptocurrency marketplace for Genesis, we revealed that we felt that creating a brand new Genesis token would be best for the project moving forward. As we get closer to implementing this token swap, we want our community to give feedback on some critical aspects of this new token, such as name, token supply and how the swap should be conducted. This new token will be used throughout the Genesis ecosystem, not just the marketplace, although this will be its primary use case at launch. Please share your ideas on the following: Name: Symbol: Decimals: Supply: Our initial thoughts are to still call the token Genesis although we may need to think of a different symbol as other projects have since opted to use GEN. Currently, Genesis has a maximum supply of 16,000,000 (16 million) tokens. Should we increase our supply or decrease it? Later this month, we will put forward our proposal based on the feedback we have received for a final consultation with the community. This is your chance to have your say.
  9. Jackson_Genesis

    How do I post here? An Example Question

    This is a new section of the forum where you can directly ask for other members thoughts and advice on whether or not the cryptocurrency you're looking to purchase is a good investment or not. For the title, put your question such as: Should I buy Ethereum? or Is Ethereum a good investment? You can then include some more information in your post. Once you have asked the question and someone has answered, you can reward a user with the best answer award,
  10. Jackson_Genesis

    How do I post here? An Example Question

    Someone can come along and answer your question with their opinion. You can then also upvote questions to give them more visibility. Example: Yes Ethereum is a great investment, especially at it's current price. At it's peak, Ethereum was nearly valued at $1500 so anything under $250 is a steal. Even if it only goes back up to 500 or 750 dollars in the next year, that's still a healthy project. It's also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and is most definitely not a scam.
  11. As part of our new Genesis token which we will be launching for use on the Genesis Marketplace, we want to know whether or not our holders think it would be in the best interest of the project if we paid out dividends to holders of Genesis? Our proposal is that anyone who owns more than X amount of Genesis will receive monthly dividends from the profit we generate through the Genesis Marketplace. On the Genesis Marketplace, we will take a small percentage of each sell. This would mean that we pass on a percentage of these fees onto our holders. Example: In November, the Genesis Marketplace generates 50,000 GEN through fees earned from products being sold on the marketplace. 25% of our revenue will be passed on to holders of Genesis through a dividend scheme. This would mean that out of the 50,000 GEN we collected, 12500 would be paid out. To qualify for dividends, you would need to hold more than 10,000 GEN. How much GEN you will receive depends on what percentage of the overall supply that qualifies for the dividends that you own. If you own 1% of the overall supply that qualifies, you will receive 125 GEN. Final Note: If you have a better way of how this could be implemented, we'd love to hear your thoughts. As we would accept other cryptocurrencies as payment on the Genesis Marketplace such as Ethereum, we would also be able to pass on Ether to our holders as a dividend. This could expand to include Bitcoin too in the future.
  12. Jackson_Genesis

    Genesis Fundraising

    One of the most important issues facing Genesis is funding. The donations we received when we first released the Genesis token a year ago has enabled us to sustain and develop the project up to this point, including the development of the Genesis marketplace. To help us continue development and to make the Genesis marketplace the best possible product it can be, in addition to bringing you other projects in the future, Genesis needs to be funded. While we have been able to pay from our own pockets to pay for server costs, as well as dedicating much of our time to the project for free, we do not have enough funds to hire additional developers, pay listing fees or market Genesis. With the new Genesis token and the upcoming release of the Genesis marketplace, we want to know what you think will be the best way for Genesis to raise funds. The two main ways that we have thought of to raise funds are the following: Run an ICO This would see us run a traditional ICO by offering investors the opportunity to purchase Genesis tokens at a set price. While this does seem like a good option, we are aware that it takes a lot of work to run a successful ICO, as well as a large budget. We would be relying almost solely on our community to help us spread the word. Not only that, this would take away valuable time and resources from the development of the marketplace while we try to make the ICO a success, something which is not guaranteed, especially given the current state of the crypto market. Accept Donations This option would allow the community to donate to the project, making us a truly self-funded community project. This is the option we took when we first launched Genesis and saw us raise 15 Ether which has been put to good use. If we went down this path, we would offer donators a certain amount of Genesis tokens in return. We would also like to look at offering other perks as a result of donating. This would require a lot less work from us and would be the best option financially for us as it would require little to no initial investment. However, for this to be successful we would need people willing to donate to the project. Final Note: To make Genesis a success, we do not need to raise millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands. The funds raised would go on further the development of Genesis, through development, marketing and listing fees. It would also allow us to take the time needed to focus on the development as our bills would be paid. If you have any other suggestions on how Genesis could raise funds, we would love to hear your suggestions.
  13. Jackson_Genesis

    Rules [Must Read]

    This section of the forum is dedicated to posting and receiving feedback and suggestions for the Genesis Marketplace. Please follow these rules before posting: 1) Stay on-topic 2) Do not post spam or advertisements 3) Do not post low quality replies. Only post replies that add value to the discussions. 4) Please search to make sure your suggestion has not already been made.
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    Rules [Must Read Before Posting]

    You must not: 1) Post Advertisements 2) Post Spam 3) Post low quality replies which offer no value to discussions. Please refer to our community rules for further information on what is acceptable and what is not.
  15. Jackson_Genesis

    Rules [Must Read Before Posting]

    You must not: 1) Post Advertisements 2) Post Spam 3) Post low quality replies which offer no value to discussions. Please refer to our community rules for further information on what is acceptable and what is not.
  16. Jackson_Genesis

    Rules [Must Read Before Posting]

    You must not: 1) Post Advertisements 2) Post Spam 3) Post low quality replies which offer no value to discussions. Please refer to our community rules for further information on what is acceptable and what is not.
  17. Jackson_Genesis

    Rules [Must Read Before Posting]

    You must not: 1) Post Advertisements 2) Post Spam 3) Post low quality replies which offer no value to discussions. Please refer to our community rules for further information on what is acceptable and what is not.
  18. Here is this week's Weekly Update: http://genesiscoin.io/2018/03/12/weekly-update-march-12-airdrop-bounty-program-community-meeting/ Please use this thread to discuss
  19. Here is the latest update regarding Genesis, including a BIG announcement! http://genesiscoin.io/2018/08/17/major-update-announcing-the-genesis-marketplace/
  20. Jackson_Genesis

    Community Meetings

    Hardly anyone turned up so I decided not to press ahead with any further ones as it wasn't worth the time
  21. Jackson_Genesis

    Genesis lottery

    As of now they aren't anymore Lottery draws as things are being changed up. Telegram is the most active place. Keep your eye out for some announcements!
  22. Please use this thread to discuss the on-going Bounty Program
  23. Jackson_Genesis

    Bear Market

    Is this the bull starting to show it's head?
  24. Jackson_Genesis


    Here's the link to our Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/EnbX8Q9P5b34lnomjt06Nw
  25. Jackson_Genesis

    Gen withdrawal

    The minimum purchase through the Store to withdraw is 500 GEN