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  1. Introduce Yourself!

    Please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself to the community and get to know each other. I'll kick things off. As some of you will already know, I'm Jackson and I'm from the UK. I'm also the founder and developer of Genesis. If you're new around here, welcome to the community! When I'm not working on Genesis, my two big hobbies are football and gaming. I played football regularly until a few years ago when some injuries brought my rather "uninspiring" career to an end. I own an Xbox One but the majority of my gaming is done on the PC nowadays although unfortunately, I'm finding myself having less and less time to play. Unsurprisingly, I'm also a massive fan of blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. I've been following the scene for several years now but only recently started investing some of my own money into several different coins. So that's a little bit about me, I'm looking to forward to meeting more members of the Genesis community!
  2. Do you own Genesis Coins?

    Just thought we'd do a quick poll to see how many members of our community actually own Genesis Coins at this moment in time. For this, we don't mean Genesis Points which are what you earn here on the forum. We mean actual Genesis Coins which you have either received from an airdrop, bought from an exchange etc and are sitting in an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist etc.
  3. i try to upload photo to my profile but genesis site not accept it

    If that's not working it might be the image itself, file size might be too big for example
  4. This week was a fairly quiet one for Genesis but rest assured that development of the Genesis Web Wallet continues at a steady pace and that work behind the scenes is ongoing. Here’s what’s been happening this week. http://genesiscoin.io/2018/01/15/weekly-update-january-15-web-wallet-development-survey-results/ Please use this thread to discuss this week's update
  5. Genesis online shop

    The store is where you cash out your genesis points for genesis coins. You need points to buy the coins.
  6. Genesis Coin Wallets To be able to receive, send and store your Genesis Coins, you need a wallet. The good news is that as Genesis Coin is an ERC20 Standard compliant token, you can use any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC20 Tokens. These include MyEtherWallet.com,MetaMask, Mist, Jaxx, Parity and many others. There a number of ways you can obtain an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with Genesis Coin. In 2018, development of the Genesis Web Wallet will be completed. MyEtherWallet Visit MyEtherWallet to create your Ethereum wallet. Make sure you’re on the Create Wallet tab. Choose a secure password for your wallet and make sure that you write it down as you’ll need it every time you access and use your wallet. Next you must download and save your Keystore File as prompted. You MUST do this as without it, you won’t be able to access your account. After downloading the Keystore File and clicking on ‘I Understand’, you’ll be shown your Private Key. Once again, make sure you write it down and store it somewhere safe. After this, you will be asked to unlock your wallet. It’s up to you how you unlock it but you can either use the Private Key that you just saved or select the Keystore File option and upload the one you downloaded. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to use your wallet and view your balances. However you’ll notice that so far, you can’t see your Genesis Coins. To view them, you need to add it as custom token. This notifies MyEtherWallet of Genesis Coins and will then display them. To do this, scroll down until on the right hand side you see a box called “Token Balances”. Click on Add Custom Token. Paste in the contract address for Genesis which is: 0x9dfe4643C04078a46803edCC30a3291b76d4c20c Enter GEN for token symbol and 18 for decimal places. Click save and you should be shown a long list of other tokens. Genesis should now be added at the bottom with your balance. If it displays 0 as the balance or doesn’t appear, click the Load Token Balances button and it should now appear, providing you have Genesis Coins that is. MetaMask Metamask is a Google Chrome extension. Go to the Chrome Store here and install MetaMask. After installing MetaMask, click on the icon that has now appeared at the top of your browser. After agreeing to the terms, you’ll be prompted to create a password Next you’ll be given 12 random words known as a seed. Make sure you save these words. You’ll now be taken to your MetaMask wallet. To add Genesis Tokens, click on the Tokens tab. Click Add Token and enter in the Genesis Contract address. This is 0x9dfe4643C04078a46803edCC30a3291b76d4c20c It should automatically fill in the Token Symbol and Decimal fields. If it doesn’t, symbol is GEN and decimals is 18. Click Add and you should see your Genesis Coins in your wallet. You can now send them to any other Ethereum address. If you send Genesis Coins to a friend for example, they will need to add the Genesis token as well as shown above. Please note that if you haven’t received any Genesis Coins, it will say No tokens found even after adding it. Mist To install Mist, go here, scroll down to Downloads and choose the installer for your operating system. Once Mist is installed, it will need to sync to the Ethereum blockchain. This may take some time depending on how many blocks you need to download and your internet speed. After you’ve downloaded the entire blockchain, go to the Wallet tab and select Add Account and fill in the required fields. Head over to the Contracts tab, scroll to the bottom until you see the Watch Tokens section. Click on Watch Token. Paste the Genesis Contract address in which is 0x9dfe4643C04078a46803edCC30a3291b76d4c20c Mist should then automatically fill in all the remaining fields. If it has worked, the preview image at the bottom should display the Genesis symbol, GEN. If it does, click OK and you will see your Genesis Coins in your wallet, if you have some. If you receive coins upon adding the token, they will now be displayed. If however Mist doesn’t fill in the fields automatically and instead displays NaN in the preview field, click off the tab and try again. If this keeps failing, restart Mist and try again. There are many other Ethereum wallets that support ERC20 Tokens including Genesis Coin. If you use one of these wallets, you will be able to add Genesis Coin as each wallet follows a similar path adding tokens.
  7. What Would You Like to Know?

    One of the main aim's of Genesis is to provide a place where newcomers to cryptocurrency can come and learn in a friendly and active community. As our most recent weekly update showed, a large percentage of our community are very new to cryptocurrency. We would like to look into producing guides that are written by us related to crypto. This could be a guide on ICOs, wallets, exchanges etc. Anything really. These would be published alongside our weekly updates. For this, we would love to know what it is that you guys want to know the most! On another note, when I'm not working on Genesis, I'm quite an active investor in the cryptocurrency scene and have been growing my portfolio over the past few months. I would love to be able to share my opinions on projects, coins and ICOs and hopefully share some of my advice, opinions and thoughts. However I'm not sure if it is right for me to give opinions and advice relating to other coins and projects in more detail considering I'm already involved in a project such as Genesis. Let me know your thoughts!
  8. Online support

    Online support like you said isn't something we''re going to add as we don't feel we need it, at least in this moment in time with what Genesis offers. I agree though that maybe we could make it clearer how to contact us but again, most support issues would come from using the forum such as with points, cashing out etc and we feel all of that can be handled best in one place right here. Also, your question on Telegram got answered within half an hour, as long as it's within our timezone we're usually pretty quick at replying
  9. Price

  10. What alts to invest this week

    With the way current prices our, NAV, Vert, Ark are all solid investments. NAV just released their 2018 roadmap as well which is looking very very nice. If the market recovers from this drop which I think it will, this may be one of the last times to grab these sort of coins at their current prices. Unless it drops even more....
  11. Online support

    We don't really have customers, this is just a forum so support issues in themselves will be fairly limited. I've answered your other support questions so if you need any more help feel free to make another post and ask. Most of the stuff though has been answered and explained in pinned posts around the forum, especially in Announcements and the Genesis General Discussion.
  12. How to withdraw money?

    You would need to cash out your Genesis Points through the store, that means you'll receive Genesis Coins into your wallet which you can then trade on an exchange like EtherDelta
  13. Transfer genesis points

    No it is, we disabled this as people were abusing the system and creating multiple accounts to gain more points. This is something we may look into re-adding in the future and making it dependent on ranks etc
  14. Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018

    You can't have a Bitcoin thread without speculating on its price! What price do you think Bitcoin will reach in 2018? I reckon Bitcoin will hit $15k and possibly $20k before the end of 2018 providing things go well. I'd be surprised if we saw Bitcoin go beyond $20k but then again with the last few months we've had, is anything surprising anymore?
  15. Tips for 2018?

    If there's one coin that you think is going to bring great returns in 2018, what is it? For me, I reckon that Vertcoin is in for a great 2018, especially if it gets added to Coinbase as well.
  16. We have disabled the ability to send Genesis Points between users as the system was being heavily abused. You can still earn and cash out Genesis Points, however you will no longer be able to send them to another user. Thanks!
  17. To help kick things off, we're holding a contest for people to design and create the default and custom profile and cover images for members on the forum. Each entry will be rewarded with 200 Genesis Points. A winner will be chosen whose designs will be used as the default profile image for new members. The winner will receive 1000 Genesis Points. Post your entries as a reply to this thread.
  18. Hey guys, As we've just opened the doors, I wanted to see if anyone had any questions regarding how Genesis Points and the Bank work? Everyone who has registered will be receiving a bonus of Genesis Points for joining. These go straight to your spending account but you can move them to your bank account to gain interest. If you haven't read this post already, it may be useful as it briefly explains how the system works. I'm ready to answer any questions and explain things in more detail if needed So please fire away with your questions and thoughts on the points system.
  19. Graphic Design Contest! - Design Genesis Profile & Cover Images

    There is no deadline really
  20. Do you own Genesis Coins?

    This post might be useful: Also make sure to read the rules section as well as that explains what is acceptable and what is not
  21. About ETHEREUM

    No you don't need it, it's just another option
  22. Bitcoin ~ Is it going to touch 10k and then the 8K levels again !

    Buy or HODL, I definitely would not panic sell. To put it into some context as well, this kind of dip always happens around this time every January, every year and it always recovers. January is a funny month. The best thing you can do is stop checking the prices for a while and keep busy doing other things. If you're in a profit still and need the money then obviously selling is an option but no way would I sell for a loss.
  23. What Would You Like to Know?

    So basically an in-depth look at how to trade and what it all means? What exchange are you using for example?
  24. Refferal link

    Glad someone has taken the time to read things and look around! Thanks!
  25. Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

    You need to stop with the low level replies to every thread and actually post replies that are useful and contribute to the discussion...