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  1. Graphic Design Contest! - Design Genesis Profile & Cover Images

    There is no deadline really
  2. Graphic Design Contest! - Design Genesis Profile & Cover Images

    There is no deadline really
  3. Do you own Genesis Coins?

    This post might be useful: Also make sure to read the rules section as well as that explains what is acceptable and what is not
  4. About ETHEREUM

    No you don't need it, it's just another option
  5. Bitcoin ~ Is it going to touch 10k and then the 8K levels again !

    Buy or HODL, I definitely would not panic sell. To put it into some context as well, this kind of dip always happens around this time every January, every year and it always recovers. January is a funny month. The best thing you can do is stop checking the prices for a while and keep busy doing other things. If you're in a profit still and need the money then obviously selling is an option but no way would I sell for a loss.
  6. What Would You Like to Know?

    So basically an in-depth look at how to trade and what it all means? What exchange are you using for example?
  7. Refferal link

    Glad someone has taken the time to read things and look around! Thanks!
  8. Anyone still playing Pokemon Go?

    You need to stop with the low level replies to every thread and actually post replies that are useful and contribute to the discussion...
  9. Hello

    We'd consider what you're using right now is fairly unique to Genesis, we're aiming to be a true community driven crypto and the forum plays a big part in that and allows people to start earning their very first crypto just by being part of a community
  10. Welcome guests

    Please have a look around the forum, the points system is well explained in the Genesis section and has some pinned posts discussing it
  11. Intro

    Welcome Ken, nice to have you here
  12. Rab intro

    You've come to the right place, welcome!
  13. Im New! How about You?

    Welcome I didn't know we had a whitepaper haha
  14. Hi from your community manager

    We'll post any openings we have so keep an eye out for announcements in the future
  15. Hello

    Hello, Welcome to the forum