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  1. Jackson_Genesis

    Lottery Draw Details - May 25, 2018

    Congratulations to @billyboy!
  2. Jackson_Genesis

    Lottery Draw Details - May 25, 2018

    Here is a link to tonight's draw: http://www.randomresult.com/ticket.php?t=717542K6BZV
  3. Jackson_Genesis

    Lottery Draw Details - May 25, 2018

    The next Genesis Lottery draw will be held on Friday May 25 at 8pm UK time. Prize: 15,000 Genesis Coins To enter the lottery, you can purchase a ticket using Genesis Points by going to the Store and purchasing a ticket from the lottery section. Each ticket costs 100 Genesis Points and you can buy as many tickets as you want. You can also enter by sending 100 Genesis Coins from your wallet to this address: 0xA1a89B86D72B50724075981685888efE2279488A If you buy a ticket using Genesis Points, your forum username will be your ticket entry. If you purchased a ticket using Genesis Coins, your wallet address will be your ticket entry. A link to the draw as well as results will be posted in this thread. To enter this draw, you must purchase a ticket before 7pm UK time on Friday May 25.
  4. Jackson_Genesis

    Blockfolio alternatives

    I haven't used it personally but I believe it's very similar to Blockfolio with regards to how many coins and tokens it supports.
  5. Jackson_Genesis

    Best Game of 2018 So Far?

    How did I forget Kingdom Come?!?! Good shout!
  6. Jackson_Genesis

    Blockfolio alternatives

    Have you looked into Delta? That's a blockfolio alternative and pretty good I've heard
  7. Jackson_Genesis

    Best Game of 2018 So Far?

    What's the best game of 2018 you've played so far? I've played quite a few that have come out this year but none really stand out to me, although the two games I've had the most fun with are Far Cry 5 and Frostpunk which released last week. I wouldn't say either are Game of the Year contenders though, I reckon that will be Red Dead Redemption 2! Really looking forward to State of Decay 2 this month too!
  8. Jackson_Genesis

    Favorite Soccer Club

    Can't believe I haven't replied to this yet! My favourite team is Tottenham, unfortunately it seems to be always be a case of so close, yet so far!
  9. Jackson_Genesis

    Ethereum Price Prediction for May 2018

    Who remembers the days of Ethereum being priced at around $1100? While we're not there yet, Ethereum is definitely recovering and eating up ground in this latest uptrend, so where do you think Ethereum will be priced at the end of May? I'm going to opt for $800.
  10. Jackson_Genesis

    Lottery Draw Details - April 27, 2018

    Thanks to everyone who bought tickets. I will lock this thread now and create this month's one shortly!
  11. Jackson_Genesis

    16K Genesis points GIVEAWAY

    As mentioned in the update I posted last week, I'll be drawing up a monthly schedule of events and giveaways which will be posted when it's ready, so expect some more giveaways soon!
  12. Jackson_Genesis

    Lottery Draw Details - April 27, 2018

    Congratulations to @vhighfill!
  13. Jackson_Genesis

    Lottery Draw Details - April 27, 2018

    Here is the link for tonight's draw: http://www.randomresult.com/ticket.php?t=674606VUUYR
  14. Jackson_Genesis

    Where Should Genesis Go From Here? Have Your Say!

    I've just posted an update post which you can read in full here: http://genesiscoin.io/2018/04/27/april-update-whats-going-on-and-whats-next/ Thanks!
  15. You can read this month's update post here: http://genesiscoin.io/2018/04/27/april-update-whats-going-on-and-whats-next/