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    Thanks for sharing, will look into it when I get a chance. I'll also look about setting up discord for when we begin advancing forward at a quicker pace!
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    Genuine Airdrops Highlights :Will have Official twitter Will haveOfficial website Will have Bitcointalk thread (optional) Will Have Contract address if it's an erc20 token. Detailed Bounty campaign if Airdrop is through bounty. What you should do : Check the airdrop's source. This can be done on BITCOIN TALK. Check the website. Careful if the airdrop asks you to join a telegram airdrop. Check if the erc20 token really exists on etherscan.io Be careful with tasks they ask you to do. Dont be Twitterati for them to begin with. Check them first. Dont get carried away with last dates for registrations. You may miss one but it is worth missing if its not genuine.Take time to verify them first. Most Important : Maintain an Excel for your airdrops. fields include: token name, website, twitter, reddit, your login details and date of promised AIRDROP. This helps alot when you go on a AIRDROP spree. Check your AIRDROP excel sheet once a week to see actually what have u received from your hard work on AIRDROPS.