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    If you violate any of the rules found here, you will receive punishment a points from a moderator. Here is a breakdown of the punishments for each rule break. Spamming - Low quality replies, point farming, promoting excessively 1st Warning = 1 Point 2nd Warning = 2 Points and 1 day suspension from posting. 3rd Warning = Ban. Inappropriate Language - Swearing, Offensive terminology 1st Warning = 1 Point 2nd Warning = 2 Points and 1 day suspension from posting. 3rd Warning = Ban. If user issues threats, is racist or overly vulgar, they will be banned. Signature Violation - Rude signatures, linking to offensive or obscene sites/content. Only allowed one promotion per signature If promoting multiple projects or signature is too big, user will be asked to change it. You will be banned from using signatures and accessing the site if the content in a signature is offensive. Abusive Behaviour - Making threats, nasty comments, personal comments, rude Managed on a case by case basis. If user is extremely abusive then a ban can be issued. 1st Warning for low level abuse = 1 Point 1 day suspension from posting. 2nd Warning = 2 Points and 3 day suspension from posting. 3rd Warning = Ban. Topic Bumping - Bumping topic deliberately 1st Warning = 1 Point 2nd Warning = 2 Points and 1 day suspension from posting and thread deleted. 3rd Warning = 3 points and 3 day suspension from posting. 4th Warning = 5 points and 1 Week suspension from accessing site. 5th Warning = Ban. If thread is classed as spam, it will be deleted. Other - Wrong threads, Multi accounts etc Posting topics in wrong section of forum = Move topic and user will be notified If done a second time = 0 Points and a Warning Three times or more = 2 Point and Warning Warning Points: Temporary ban from posting = 5 Points Temporary ban from accessing site = 7 Points Outright ban = 10 Points
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    You may post giveaways from any other Cryptocurrencies or projects here. If you make a post, please make sure you follow these rules: 1) Only one thread per cryptocurrency/project/giveaway 2) No bumping 3) Must clearly display links to official website and social media pages 4) No Spamming 5) No Scams, only official and legit projects A giveaway is not free distribution of coins just for signing up to a project. This also includes airdrops. Any posts such as this will be deleted. We will monitor this section carefully and may require moderator approval before posts go live. We'll see how it goes.
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