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    Now that the March airdrops have finished and more GEN is in the hands of the community, I think now is a good time to talk about the future and where Genesis should go from here. Since we first launched in October 2017, we've seen steady growth in the community and what we have built so far is something we can all be proud off. However I'm sure that all of you will agree that it's important that we focus on the future and work on giving Genesis a long-term use which will hopefully in turn raise our profile, trading volume and for the investors, price. The crypto market in 2018 hasn't been great and that has definitely had an impact on nearly every project out there, including Genesis. I'm confident that it will turn itself round and we'll see another surge but nothing is guaranteed. Therefore it is important that we focus on ourselves and not let ourselves be influenced too much on the wider market. We're only a small fish in a big pond right now, after all. Not only that, but as some, hopefully most, of you will be aware, I'm the only person working on Genesis, with the exception of a few people who have chipped in over the previous months. This isn't my full-time job so time can be shorter some weeks than others to focus on Genesis. I've always prided myself on being honest and open with the Genesis community and right now I'm busy working on a major project which is taking up nearly all of my time. I want to reiterate that I am committed to Genesis and always will be but time is short currently. Through my work on this project, I am trying to secure a meaningful partnership for Genesis, but I can't comment too much or make any promises. Over the last few weeks, I have reached out to several companies and projects regarding partnerships but unfortunately I haven't had much luck. It sucks and probably isn't what you want to hear, but the reality of the situation is that the crypto scene is very competitive and as I've found out, driven by money. Money that I just don't have to pay. It's the same situation with exchanges. If only we were a year or so earlier, perhaps we'd be having a lot more luck. From what I've seen, going down the honest and open route is harder than making outlandish promises, manipulating investors, lying and over-exaggerating your project as a lot of projects tend to be doing these days, big and small. It is demoralising at times seeing the success others gain through dishonest practices. That's something I will never compromise on and hopefully that's one of the reasons you joined the Genesis community in the first place. With all of that said, the earth keeps spinning and life goes on. And so does Genesis. Crypto is here to stay and so are we. We just need to decide on the direction we all feel that Genesis needs to head in. Having taken some time out to think about what options are realistically on the table for Genesis, I have come up with a few potential ideas for where Genesis will go from here. I will outline each direction below and it will be great if you could vote for the option you would like to see. Please read each option carefully and then vote for your preferred option. Option 1 - Push merchant adoption of Genesis as a valid currency This option would see us trying to push merchant adoption for Genesis. It's main aim would be to be used as a currency which merchants could accept for products. This could be done in a number of ways, including building partnerships with startups and ICOs, particularly those which are aimed at creating marketplaces and stores where Genesis could perhaps be used as a currency. Through these partnerships, there could be incentives for paying with GEN too. Option 2 - dApp Development This option would be the most time-consuming but would ultimately see us develop a dApp around Genesis. As a community we'd have to decide what would be a meaningful and useful dApp to create. Stuff like exchanges etc have been done to death so we would need something more unique. One idea could be centred around building up and producing a collection of cryptocurrency guides which could be purchased, or unlocked, with Genesis Coins. If you think Option 2 is where we should go and you have some suggestions for a dApp, please leave a reply to this thread with your suggestions. Option 3 - Focus on the Genesis Forum With this option, our immediate focus would be on the Genesis forum. This would involve trying to grow numbers and activity as well as doing more with the store itself, perhaps offering more services or ways to spend your Genesis Coins. If you like this option, please leave suggestions of things you would like to see done to the forum to improve it. Option 4 - Create a Genesis Store where products and services are paid for with Genesis This option would need to be fleshed out and really planned but it would basically see us creating a store for Genesis where products and services are bought and sold for using GEN. To be honest, this seems like a tricky thing to pull off as we'd need to consider whether or not it's an open marketplace where anyone can join and sell or whether or not it is all done through us where we have to source and offer the products and services ourselves.
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    I'd like to add I believe we need a stronger marketing team to make it to the masses. Keep up the good job!