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    Correct, i will pull it out in time for next month as using it for trading during the month
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    The interest on Genesis Points should be paid out today or tomorrow, there was an error where it didn't trigger which I didn't spot until recently so that will go out soon. As for claiming interest on those coins, they have to be a wallet and not on an exchange. That's because everyone's balance on an exchange gets displayed as one big balance rather than each individual balance, that's why it need to be in a wallet so that it is visible
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    You can't beat a good spreadsheet @tennesseeJedEYE - once u get that set up you'll wonder how you managed without it - but bookmarks are excellent for your exchanges - nothing worse than the thought of misspelling an exchange and having it take you to a fake site
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    Ripple and Omni are the friendliest coins to a lot of banks and established financial institutions. These two coins are gonna win in the battle between fiat and crypto currencies. Don't forget Gen coin. I bet the price will skyrocket soon. Why? Relevant project, great team and low total supply.