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  2. Jackson_Genesis

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    Thanks for sharing, will look into it when I get a chance. I'll also look about setting up discord for when we begin advancing forward at a quicker pace!
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  4. Good to see you guys here! Definitely approve of the community focus you've gone for, it's great to see that both our projects share similar values!
  5. Jackson_Genesis

    Who's hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2?

    Anyone else super excited for Red Dead Redemption 2? Not long to go now!
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  7. YuurinBee

    Blockfolio alternatives

    Agreed. Delta is great, I use both Blockfolio and Delta. Delta is honestly probably better imo.
  8. YuurinBee

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    I think this is a nice potential idea... I would also love to see GENESIS on Discord. For those that asked about an example rain bot. Concord has both a rain bot and a universal rain bot for Concord Coin (CXD). Concord Discord Server + Concord GitHub
  9. YuurinBee

    Community Meetings

    I think we may have to fire back up the forums
  10. YuurinBee

    Bouli reintroduced

    Bouli!!! So nice to meet you again!? Where you been? #whenBouli
  11. Last week
  12. Joey5324

    Upcoming TRIG swap

    I can't wait for my TRIGX masternode!!
  13. tendoglass

    give it to the project

    It ain't dead yet!
  14. Bouli

    Bouli reintroduced

    Hello everyone! I started using The Genesis Forums about 6+ months ago and I really enjoyed it. Really great team here and great community. I hope to be more active on here and get to know more people in this community My name is Bouli and I live in The Netherlands. I work on several blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. At this moment i work on Zenzo See the new thread i made in the altcoin section.
  15. tendoglass


    Android for life!
  16. YuurinBee

    Re: Introduction

    Hello everyone! I started using The Genesis Forums about 6+ months ago and I really enjoyed it. Really great team here and great community. I hope to be more active on here and get to know more people in this community My name is YuurinBee and I live in Vietnam. I work on several blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. I do a little bit of everything except for coding yet, but most people know me as a designer. If you like the new Genesis logo ... that was me Look forward to getting to know you all and reconnecting with old friends!
  17. Wooooooo! So great to finally be back here on Genesis Forums! Hope everyone is well. We are happy to be back! If anyone has registered for the coin swap, please contact us on here or on the Official ZENZO Discord or Official ZENZO Telegram! 😎
  18. tendoglass

    Zelda, it is just timeless

    I have two copies of majoras mask. But the best way is to experience it is to forget everything you ever learned lol. A great game for sure, but the moon gives me friggin nightmares.
  19. tendoglass

    Upcoming TRIG swap

    Hey guy! Long time no see! I have been hard at work with our Zenzo project but finally have some time to get back to the forum. But last few weeks have had some rough times for TRIG because of Binance de listing. But, they are on twitter stating that there is nothing to fear with the TRIGX and their exchange coming out. I can link some of their twitter posts. But I was wanting to see if anyone here is going through it.
  20. tendoglass


    It is really not too bad, but I lost interest pretty quick.
  21. • Universal Identity • Decentralized Identity • Self-Sovereign Identity “The incentives to do good and positive actions should outweigh the benefits of harmful and negative actions.” Introduction The name "ZENZO" is Japanese and translates roughly to "gradual growth". This is exactly how we look at everything in life, it should be natural and organic. The reason why much of the world partakes in unnecessary suffering is because our minds have shifted towards a state of instant gratification, especially in the cryptocurrency space. You do not plant seeds in a garden and expect to eat the fruits later that day, nature does not work this way. Our intentions are to build a long term and sustainable ecosystem that is able to adapt, work well with other ecosystems, and gradually grow together. Though much of the community is Japanese and along with the name, ZENZO, it is not considered to be a Japanese project or tied to any country for that matter. It is a international open-source project with its co-founders, core team, and developers located in Asia, Europe, and North America at the moment. Most of the team has grown up with very positive and inspiring Japanese influences through art, music, design, lifestyle, and general ways of life and culture. • Community Takeover • No ICO • Transparent Premine • Coin Swap ZENZO is an incentivized Universal Identity-Driven Ecosystem that enables and supplies resources for visionary projects to solve real world problems. The ecosystem is fueled by contributions and positive actions that directly benefit the sub-projects and ecosystem as a whole. ZENZO is currently developing a cross platform web-based application that utilizes the ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) that integrates with most major social and productivity platforms. The purpose of the ZUI is to have a versatile, reliable representation of your digital identity that effortlessly bridges the gap between digital and physical frontiers. ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) The ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) is the main element of the ecosystem that will allow for members to not only operate within the ZENZO Ecosystem, but to connect with other web-based applications through APIs. Each member will be given a unique ZUI that will be registered through their ZNZ Public Address. Members that have created a ZUI will be able to add, remove, or edit their data any time they access the application. The ZENZO Ecosystem has different levels and tiers for members, depending on the amount of information they want to include in their profiles. The more a member has verified their account, it will enable them to have more accessibility and rights on the platform and with co-existing applications. The ZENZO Ecosystem and ZUI will provide both public and private options for anyone who registers and uses the platform. The ecosystem is incentive-driven and members that have created their ZUI will be able to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem and in return be rewarded. (ZUI Demo Release Coming Soon!) • Completed ○ In Progress • ZENZO Blockchain Testnet Launch • ZENZO One Pager v1.1.0 Release • ZENZO Blockchain & Coin Specifications Chart • ZENZO Resource Distribution Chart • ZENZO Official Website Launch • ZENZO Blockchain Mainnet Launch (Governance Coin, Masternodes, Zerocoin Protocol) • Apply for Decentralized Exchange Listings ○ ZENZO Guides (Wallet, Masternode, Zerocoin Protocol, etc.) ○ Coin Swap ○ ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) Demo Release ○ ZENZO Whitepaper v1.0 ○ ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) Testnet Release ○ ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) Alpha Release ○ ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) Beta Release ○ ZENZO Universal Identity (ZUI) Mainnet Release ZENZO One Pager v1.2.0 & ZENZO Whitepaper v1.0 Coming Soon! (Click Banner for ZENZO One Pager v1.1.0) For more information, please visit: • GitHub (.pdf) • GitHub (README.md) • Ticker: ZNZ • Maximum Coin Supply: ∞ • Consensus Algorithm: Proof of Stake (PoS) • Hashing Algorithm: Quark • Masternode Collateral: 15,000 ZNZ • Premine: 16,800,000 ZNZ • Block Time: 1 Minute • Block Size: 2 MB • Block Maturity: 50 Blocks • Block Confirmation: 10 • PoS Minimum Age: 3 Hours • PoS Maximum Age: Ø • Block Rewards (Staking): 35% • Block Rewards (Masternodes): 65% (All links are directly from GitHub) Never download a ZENZO wallet from anywhere but the Official ZENZO GitHub and Website. • Windows (32 bit) • Windows (64 bit) • Mac (10.8 - 10.12) • Mac (High Sierra) • Mac (Mojave) • Linux • More Wallets Coming Soon! Only trust these Official ZENZO links. Please confirm with the ZENZO Team before going to unknown links. To report a malicious website impersonating ZENZO, please join the Discord link below. • Official Website • Official GitHub • Community Block Explorer (Beta) • ZNZ Wallet & Masternode Setup Guides • ZENZO Blockchain & Coin Specifications Chart • ZENZO Resource Distribution Chart • Official Twitter • Official Facebook • Official InvestFeed • Official Medium • Official Telegram • Official Discord (Contact & Support) ZENZO is well-known for having one of the most friendly and supportive communities. It is an international project with co-founders in Asia, Europe, and North America. The ZENZO team, developers, and contributors are active everyday within the communities. We welcome people from all walks of life and all parts of the world to join us in building a new world that we all desire to live in. The largest and most active ZENZO community can be found in the one and only Official ZENZO Discord Server.
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  23. daniel11135

    Is Bitcoin a good investment?

    YES. i will go up at some point. When this will happen, there will be no time to react.
  24. daniel11135

    New Genesis Token - Have Your Say

    Name: Crypto Genesis token Symbol: CGT Decimals: 18 Supply: 16 mil x 10
  25. Chaz

    New Genesis Token - Have Your Say

    Hi admin / team , thanks for taking input from community I agree with genDave , try to keep total supply low , , market has been flooded with projects with billion coin supplies .. scares investors .
  26. Gendave

    New Genesis Token - Have Your Say

    My 2 cents: Name: Genesis. Symbol: NES as in GeNESis. This way we could refer to Genesis coins as "Nesies". Decimals: Indiferent. Not sure about the implications of having more or less decimals. Supply: This is a tricky one. Many investors, youtubers, twitter influencers and many crytocurrency guides recommend to look for coins with low supply. If the coin also has a use case they are called GEMS. Still, multiplying the supply X10 leave us with a 160,000,000 supply which is not crazy high and way below other Billion supply coins, but Genesis will no longer be a low supply coin. Another option is to reduce the supply further, but as Jackson said they might need extra coins for development. A potential solution is to reduce the supply even further, lets say 2,000,000. Give holders 1 NEW NES for each 10 OLD Gens and keep the extra 400,000 Nesies as development funds. This will put Genesis under the radar of GEMS chasers and together with the dividends given to holders no doubt investors will be interested. At the end of the day, I thank the chance that the devs are giving the community to have our say. I am really happy with the direction the Genesis is taking and by all means go with the plan of increasing the coin supply if you think that is the best way forward.
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