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  2. euclid

    what kind of coin would take over ether?

    None. Ethereum is lending its technology to countless incredible utility coins. Bitcoin and Ethereum will have the final showdown. Bitcoin's only competitive edge has to do with the influence of bitcoin whales to make it the most dominant coin in all trading pairs in many non-decentralized trading sites. But I observe that Ethereum is responding so well to that by creating decentralized/AI-run trading sites for Ethereum-based tokens.
  3. Feal_solution


    Profit from the 318,943,989 Coins from the GBMS TECH as Token for free. Hi, GBMS TECH, is a unified cybersecurity platform for everyone using Blockchain technology. Expanding on a breakthrough in affordable enterprise-level cybersecurity to create pro-level protection we can all benefit from including a monitored hardware and software solution that stops threats like no other. It's a self funded project of a big independent community with a suitable strategy for a fair distribution and successful mass adoption for: Businesses - Branding and Reputation Service Staff - Recognition, Respect, and Gratitude Customers - Better Purchasing Decisions through Customer Reviews GBMS TECH Wallet and Affiliate The GBMS TECH Core Wallet will be one of the first wallets that has integrated an own affiliate. program in the wallet. So if you help your friends to setup a GBMS TECH masternode or to stake GBMS TECH you will automatically get 30% of their rewards, Our journey has been very tough, but we have delivered our technology in aid of business customers, service staff, and consumers. In the early stage, we spend our personal money because we believe in our Technology, Mission, and Cause. Now, we are ready for our business expansion. We have removed investment and business risks from you and delivered. GBMS TECH as a customer accepting product. And now is the right time to profit with us through our business expansion plan to capture the highly lucrative global customer tipping market by participating in our ICO (https://www.gbmstech.io). If you have any doubts, feel free to visit our website at https://www.gbmstech.io If you would like to test or verify GBMS TECH feel free to drop me an email at Ico@gbmstech.io, or reach me at Telegram (T.me/ATSToken) We will be happy to setup a live working account for any of your favorite retailer, F&B, or corporate companies to establish and verify our claims. So, I hope you will profit with us by investing in our business expansion, tokenize customer tipping, and uncover heroes amongst service staff. GBMS TECH solicits customer reviews and tipping to generate the demand for our tokens and propel our token price through our business ecosystem. The GBMS TECH token enjoys a high utility value and greatly differs from others due to the completion of our product, and with existing customers. I sincerely invite you to embark on this profitable and meaningful journey with us and enjoy the fruits of our success and hard work. For more information, you can check out our YouTube videos on:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6zluqXe6fY&t=5s I look forward to hearing from you soon, Yours Sincerely,
  4. Bitcoin Stash Merged Mining Guide ⛏ OverviewBitcoin Stash is a merge mineable cryptocurrency that utilizes SHA256 for its mining algorithm. This means that it can be merge mined with other SHA256 coins like Bitcoin an Bitcoin Cash. Merge mining is a process where a miner is able to mine multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. All that is required for a miner is to add 48 bytes of data to the coinbase of the parent block.We will have a private testnet testing phase beginning at 11/4/18. On 11/4/18, miners will have access to Bitcoin Stash binaries (with only testnet capabilities available). They will be able to merge mine on the testnet by following the below instructions. A sample code implementation is provided in bitcoinstash_mergemining_sample.py.InstructionsFollow the step belows to merge mine on Bitcoin Stash. Sample code implementation is provided in bitcoinstash_mergemining_sample.py.1.Use RPC call getnewaddress() to get a new address for Bitcoin Stash (this will only need to be done once)2.Call RPC command createauxblock() with address obtained from step 1). This will make a Bitcoin Stash block with a coinbase payment to the address.3.From the JSON output of createauxblock(), use 'auxcoinbasedata' to obtain the data that must be inserted into the script sig of the coinbase in the parent block. To understand how this data is constructed, read the 'Constructing the Auxpow Coinbase Data' section below.4.Start solving the parent block until you meet the encoded target threshold specified by the 'bits' field in the JSON output of createauxblock().5.If the parent block meets the target as defined step 4, construct the auxpow header data. Submit the auxpow header data using RPC command submitauxblock() with first argument being 'hash' from output of createauxblock in step 2), the second argument is the hex string of the auxpow data. Instructions on constructing the auxpow data is shown below. If a valid auxpow header data was submitted, the merge mined block will be submitted on the Bitcoin Stash network.Constructing the Auxpow Header DataAuxpow header data is extra data attached to the BitcoinStash block header that links the block to the the parent block. It is composed from the below data.Serialized coinbase transaction +Hash of the parent block (32 bytes) +Merkle branches (can be 0x00, if only transaction in block) +Index in the merkle branch (4 bytes, must always be \x00\x00\x00\x00) +Chain Merkle branch (4 bytes, can be 0x00, if no other child chain) +Index in the chain merkle branch (4 bytes, can be \x00\x00\x00\x00 if no other child chain) +Serialized parent block headerConstructing the Auxpow Coinbase DataThe auxpow coinbase data is data inserted into the parent block's coinbase to link the parent block to the BitcoinStash block. It is composed from the below data.Merge Mining Header (4 bytes, must always be \xFA\xBE\x6D\x6D ) +Root hash of Merkle Trie containing child chian (32 bytes, set to hash of Bitcoin Stash block if no other child chain) +Merkle Trie Size, (4 bytes, set to 1 if no other child chain) +Nonce, the nonce and the chain id of the child chain determines a pseudo random slot in the chain merkle trie (4 bytes, can be set to anything if no other child chain) +Parent Chain Id (4 bytes, set to 210 if Bitcoin is the parent block 209 if Bitcoin Cash is parent block)Stand Alone MiningStand alone mining (mining Bitcoin Stash only without using its merge mining capabilities), will also be possible through the standard RPC call getblocktemplate.Merge Mining GitHub Linkhttps://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash-MergeMining-GuideBitcoin Stash Wallet Binary Files (Windows & Linux)https://github.com/bstash/BitcoinStash/releasesBitcoin Stash Websitehttps://bstash.orgBitcoin Stash Forumhttps://forum.bstash.orgBitcoin Stash Explorerhttp://explorer.bstash.org
  5. Skynavpro is a planning and navigation software integrated with a specially developed hardware for communication, prepare your tomorrow retirement today and live well tomorrow
  6. We are proud to announce today the start of our ICO! Just another ICO? NO! We do have 12,000 registered pilots, 8,700 APP downloads and a working appliance prototype. Invest in the next phase: global marketing of sky[nav]pro for manned and unmanned aircraft's (drones), a multi-billion US$ market. We welcome you on board as part of the in-flight revolution. Investment opportunity: https://skynavpro.io Skynavpro is a planning and navigation software integrated with a specially developed hardware for communication, collision avoidance and live tracking for general aviation. It is the first product in the world which successfully combines these extremely useful features in a single and portable box that can be cost-efficiently mass-produced. Our long-term goal is to develop an extensive system-level integrated cockpit architecture based on portable devices. The software, consisting of an online planning and navigation application, is offered free of charge. For additional and premium services (such as live weather data, collision alerts, worldwide tracking with integrated SOS feature) the specially designed and developed hardware is required. The hardware will be available in a variety of models on our online shop as well as through certified partners. Throughout central Europe, skynavpro is an already well-established brand and hardware prototypes are already developed. Due to its system-level integration concept, it can easily fit in any manned and unmanned aircraft (e.g. drones, UAV’s). Therefore, we plan the initiation of an ICO. The proceeds of which will be directed towards the development of a new blockchain-operated flight-planning and tracking platform as well the production of the first units for the mass market. This will be launched worldwide through several phases. The platform is unique and has the potential to establish itself as a standard in general and business aviation. https://skynavpro.io
  7. Jackson_Genesis

    Genesis wallet

    The website is down as we are re-designing it to reflect the future of Genesis. The wallet available on the site was just an interface and didn't hold or store any keys, so nothing has been lost.
  8. billyboy

    Genesis wallet

    Just wondering, is the domain of the wallet down? What happened to the wallet users?
  9. The Bitcoin Cash boys have managed to decimate their cryptocurrency sending the price from $628 to as low at $199 for a -68% return over 3 weeks. More notably the trading volume has dropped like a rock in the past 48 hours and spells big trouble for Bitcoin Cash if support doesn’t come in soon. It appears as though the damage has been done, Bitcoin ABC has maintained the Bitcoin Cash brand name at most exchanges and now Bitcoin SV must go on their own. Here’s a look at Bitcoin SV’s chart indepent of the combined chain above which combines abc and sv as though they were still one coin. https://portfoliobuilder.io/trade-alert-buying-ripple-and-depositing-5-more-bitcoin/
  10. kentybas

    Multifaucet 29 currencies

    Hello There is one new Multifaucet where you can claim more than 29 currencies. FreeRoll ticket every hour. & Win up to 10000 sat every hour on BTC FreeRoll! Win up to 50x on the Boomerang game. Multi Coins Crypto Miner. The also have Dice,lottery,lucky number , boomerang , miner , autofaucet and chat room You can also exchange ur coins to another using the built in exchange there is also a 25% ref commision join now
  11. Bitcoin’s crashing, stocks are crashing, buy the dip! Investors are getting slaughtered right now, not just in crypto but all over the board, almost all assets are down in 2018 but this is a natural pullback after everything went up so rapidly in 2017. Portfolio Builder is not changing it's positioned at all today, despite a Bitcoin Cash meltdown last night, cutting t’s value in half for a few hours but rebounding this morning. The market has absorbed the selling and may finally have hit a 2018 low last night. https://portfoliobuilder.io/bloodbath-buy-crypto-buy-stocks-market-is-ready-to-explode-higher/
  12. euclid

    Bitcoin Competitors

    Because Ethereum is entitled to challenge Bitcoin's utility and technology.
  13. euclid

    ICO Contest Review and Earn in ETH

    The link can't be accessed. Is this still up and running? When's the deadline? I bet if Ethereum were more or less $20,000, there would be flood of entries
  14. euclid

    What happens when I lower the gas fees

    This important theory on gas should be understood before the question above can be answered --- https://ethgas.io/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7dqQ9ZHj3gIVhKmWCh1YFQeYEAAYASAAEgJdvvD_BwE
  15. billyboy

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    Would definitely be great. +1
  16. Hi, this is my blog about cryptocurrencies, I hope you like it, I appreciate any advice. LINK
  17. Joey5324

    Best Game of 2018 So Far?

    Will anyone here be playing Fallout 76 on pc?
  18. Joey5324

    Zelda, it is just timeless

    I truthfully loved Wind Waker and the Gamecube!!
  19. Joey5324

    Who's hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2?

    I haven't had a chance to pick the game up yet. I really hope the PC version comes out soon. I just found this new article a few moments ago! https://www.techspot.com/amp/news/77245-red-dead-redemption-2-pc-version-evidence.html
  20. Joey5324

    Upcoming TRIG swap

    Just wanted to share new info for the Trig to TrigX Swap!!
  21. abu123456

    Nullex (NLX) prize will boom!

    Nullex (NLX) Exclusive News.NULLEX (NLX) will explode in December.“NULLEX (NLX) is a private, secure and scalable decentralized platform allowing users to create, register and relay economic data. Vision is to build several products, e.g. the Null Protocol Mainnet, an asset manager app, etc”. Hey, obviously this is a very interesting time to be in Nullex center now. Because, NLX will make a lot of people rich. NLX is gonna be big. NLX will be $1 in 2019. Nullex will excite because it will show how cheap it can be.I’ve heard that NLX could be huge. It will boost the market. What do you guys think of NLX? I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is… Man… I’m gonna be sooooo rich. Lambos everywhere. Well, I think it will work. People will make fortune for Buying NLX . Buying...more...NLX. I think NLX could be really successful. Lot’s of people will make business on top of that. So much potential. NLX will fill your hope and dream. NLX is exactly what people will need now. NLX guys will benefit more than others. 200$ on NLX. Filling my bags with more NLX. “It is so much potential, … we are just waiting for it to be a billion dollar industry.” Please join the telegram channel at https://t.me/NullexOfficial
  22. YuurinBee

    Axie Infinity - Ethereum-Based Game (WARNING: Addicting)

    Me too man, really love this game and the community!
  23. ZENZO (ZNZ) is officially listed on CryptoBridge!
  24. Joey5324

    Axie Infinity - Ethereum-Based Game (WARNING: Addicting)

    I can't stop playing!!
  25. viggen

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    Just like @YuurinBee gave example in discord , this one is on telegram t.me/dogetipbotgroup is a good example, people can get doge coin by doing fun games, trivia, betting, etc. And if they "active" (time that is considered active = 10 minutes after their last post) , they are eligible to catch some "doge rain " there. Everybody is free to tip someone or all members as they like. (If someone won something big, they usually share their winning by raining some of it to active members). So it's not just admins duty to "rain" something, but its also done by members with free will. It's a busy group, there's always tens of active members 24 hours a day.
  26. YuurinBee

    Trollbox with rain/tipbot

    Let me know if you need any help with that @Jackson_Genesis - I happen to live on Discord
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